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Commercial Property Management

When you, as a Houston commercial real estate investor succeed, we succeed. This is called mutual success. Because of this, we’ve created a comprehensive approach to tenant-centric services which dramatically reduces tenant turnover for our clients’ commercial real estate in Houston. On top of that, when you work with CXRE, you get customized financial reporting, maintenance, budgeting and operations solutions for your Houston commercial real estate office, warehouse, retail and medical office assets.

Regardless of whether you have commercial office buildings in Houston, medical facilities in Sugar Land, or special-purpose assets in The Woodlands, we can manage your day-to-day commercial property maintenance services throughout Texas. Your Houston-area commercial real estate investments will receive comprehensive commercial property management services, property accounting & financial reporting, office building maintenance, office management and construction management solutions.

Commercial Leasing Services

Whether you are a Houston commercial real estate owner or a tenant, CXRE will provide your company a range of professionals in retail, warehouse, and office space leasing services. For tenants, we can assist with lease renewal, lease renegotiation, leasehold improvements, lease abstracting and subleasing. For owners of commercial real estate in Houston, our landlord representation leasing brokers & agents work with assets throughout Texas.

Although we serve clients in the greater Houston area, we also serve clients in DFW, San Antonio and other Texas cities. Due to our extensive knowledge and experience, we know the markets where your investments are located. If you’re looking for leasing service, let our respectfully aggressive, tenant-centric, talented team work for you!


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