About Us: CXRE

What is the thinking behind CXRE?

Our original corporate management team began by managing large military bases for the Department of Defense. When we began on our own, over 20 years ago, we focused exclusively on commercial office and medical office buildings out of respect for our former company. Beginning in 2011, CXRE switched its business model to include Texas institutional facilities, including the federal government.  We have worked in the commercial real estate marketplace with one thing in mind: safely delivering efficiency. Since then, we have successfully developed relationships with property owners, investors, and organizations all over the world. We believe in being unique, efficient, and conservative.


Faces of CXRE

  • Cody Pruitt

    Owner Services Manager
  • David Emge

    Managing Director, Landlord Services
  • Jennifer Woods

    Finance & HR
    • 346-240-8133
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Joel M. Lopez

    Leasing Analyst
    • 281-515-5001
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Leslie Brew

    Director, Property Management
    • 713-269-0462
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Mark Hendricks

    Investment Broker
    • 713-829-1979
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Orlando Sodia

    Project Manager
  • Rick Walker

    Asset Director
  • Shelly Willoughby

    Investor Services Manager
    • 832-240-7938
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Srujana Shivji

    Investor Services Manager
    • 832-209-8950
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email
  • Zachary Coates

    Leasing Analyst
    • 281-515-8491
    • 855-713-2973
    • Email

CXRE’s Motto

Expedited Exceeding.

CXRE’s Mission Statement

We exist to exceed expectations via expedited commercial real estate services.

What are CXRE’s Core Values?

We are often asked about our Core Values. Through an intense 6 month process, involving dedicated thinking time, employee meetings, tenant, owner and client feedback, we confirmed our Core Values.

CXRE Core Values

What is CXRE’s strategy?

This is how CXRE competes and invests resources. Each step builds on the previous step to create greater momentum. As our work, learning and investments in these areas grow each year, the flywheel continues to accelerate faster and faster.

CXRE Corporate Strategy


What are some favorites of the 26 books which are required reading for CXRE senior management?

  • Good to Great – Jim Collins
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen
  • The Art of Public Speaking – Dale Carnegie
  • Attitude 101 – John Maxwell
  • The Carrot Principle – Adrian Gostick & Chester Elton
  • Delivering Happiness at Zappos – Tony Hsieh
  • The Dip – Seth Godin
  • Failing Forward – John Maxwell
  • Goals: Setting & Achieving – Zig Zigler
  • How Successful People Think – John Maxwell
  • Managing Oneself – Peter F. Drucker
  • Mentoring 101 – John Maxwell
  • More top books we recommend

Where does CXRE work?

Houston | Dallas-Ft. Worth | The Woodlands | Sugar Land | Katy | San Antonio

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