LEED APs For Best Cleaning Protocols

The commitment to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification and LEED building practices represents a serious commitment to elevating the building’s status.  Not only will all occupants in the building be impacted, but also real estate agents and developers will be impressed.  Existing tenants will stay longer and new prospects will come calling to LEED certified properties.To assist building owners make green cleaning decisions and establish green cleaning protocols, a consultation with a LEED Accredited Professional can get appropriate practices in place.  LEED APs are experienced, have undergone strenuous preparation and bring a high level of expertise to each building consultation.These are areas of expertise with which LEED APs are qualified to assist:

  • Design, development and implementation of High-Performance Cleaning Programs and green cleaning policies.
  • Staffing, training and evaluation of cleaning personnel.
  • Auditing and inspecting of cleaning program effectiveness.
  • Development and implementation of sustainable purchasing guidelines for cleaning products and materials.
  • Evaluate equipment procurement and maintenance policies.
  • Entryway system design and maintenance.
  • Development and implementation of indoor integrated pest management plans.

LEED APs see buildings from a unique perspective.  Most building managers tend to see the operations through the narrow funnel leading to the bottom line.  LEED APs see each building as an open opportunity to advance sustainable qualities.  These consultants know that their expertise will not only lead to a better bottom line but to a healthier workplace.By setting green cleaning programs in place, a healthy work environment will follow.  With the Existing Building Operations and Maintenance Green Building Rating System, 25% of the overall point requirements for LEED certification.  Pursuing LEED certification with the assistance and guidance of a LEED AP can eliminate many misunderstandings and get a cost efficient building analysis in play at the outset.

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