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Are you searching for commercial real estate careers? Would you like to become a professional commercial broker, CRE analyst, commercial property manager, or leasing expert? Alternatively, are you looking for a different professional agent position? If so, CXRE is now hiring for Houston commercial broker jobs.

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Not only do we offer the best place to work, but we’d love for you to join us! Especially if you’re already a top performer. Most importantly, at CXRE, we want you to succeed. Because of this, we’re behind you 100 percent and invest heavily in your career. In fact, we invest our time and resources into every CXRE commercial real estate position.
So if you’re ready, join our team of professional experts and take your career to the next level! Look around and see if CXRE is right for you. If so, apply above to get the process started!

CXRE is the building owner’s trusted brokerage, property and leasing team.

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Become A Commercial Real Estate Broker

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Are you a superstar salesperson? Have you considered a career in commercial real estate sales? If you answer ‘yes’, we can help you begin your career. Without a doubt, we’re ready to build something great with you.
If you join our team, you can realize your professional and economic potential. In particular, we supply give you with all the tools you’re lacking. Even if you don’t have your real estate license or if you need training, we can help!

Above-Market Compensation & Benefits For New Licensed SalesPeople

  • 6% Matching 401(k) After 1 Year
  • 10 Holidays per Year
  • 3 Weeks Vacation
  • Access to In-Depth Sales, Real Estate, Technology, and Business Training
  • Regular Corporate Activities and Book Clubs

Welcome to the CXRE family! We’re ready to work with you to spread the good news of our exceptional client service. Specifically, we use structured facility maintenance services, smart energy-efficient solutions, disciplined commercial property management services, and creative facility performance dashboards to help you succeed.

Without a doubt, at CXRE, we encourage excellence in all of our partners. As a result, we are a team of doers. In essence, we’re experienced and educated commercial real estate professionals. What’s more, our team is made up of top professionals and expert agents.

Do you want to partner with a firm that has the same discipline, values, and personal commitment that you do? Are you ready to make satisfy each and every client as they’ve ever been satisfied before? If that sounds like you, join us! Together, we’ll partner to strategize, create, and improve your clients’ assets.

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Get A Fresh Start

Do you see yourself as a seasoned sales professional? Do you want a new career without pay caps? If this sounds like you and if you’re ready for a fresh start, partnering with CXRE is the smart choice.

Unlimited Pay Caps

When you work with us, you have our innovative learning and sales methods on your side. Specifically, our systems help people like you to build successful commercial real estate careers. Because of this, all you need do is to add the grit. Once you land a leasing or sales client, our enterprise-level technology systems leads the way to success!

What to Expect When Working in Commercial Real Estate

  • Successful salespeople make successful agents. Even if you don’t have real estate sales experience, you can discover success.
  • You must be licensed by your state. You do this by passing a written exam after competing the prescribed coursework.
  • Additionally, to maintain your license, state boards require continuing education courses (requirements vary from state to state).
  • Typically, commercial real estate transactions are complex. As a result, they take more time than non-commercial (residential) deals.
  • As a commercial real estate agent, you won’t spend hours and hours behind a desk. Expect to spend a lot of time outside the office.
  • As a commercial real estate agent, your salary is commission-based.
  • It takes time to find leads and get clients. Successful agents invest much time, hard work, and follow-up into these tasks.

Tired of just working a job? Start your career in Commercial Real Estate TODAY!

What it Takes to Be a Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker

As stated above, each state has its own licensing requirements for commercial real estate brokers. However, you expect to fulfill the following basic requirements:

  • Licensing Courses – In order to become a broker, you need knowledge. In every state, you’re expected to take a certain number of course hours, anywhere from 60 all the way up to almost 200 hours.
  • The Licensing Exam – After completing the required courses, you must then take your exam. The exam covers material you should have learned in your courses.
  • Finding a Brokerage – Once you are licensed, the last step is finding a great brokerage to partner with, like CXRE!

Types of Careers

Within the commercial real estate sector, there are several types of careers that you could have. The obvious career path would be as a broker who helps facilitates deals between different parties. Yet when working in commercial real estate, you aren’t limited to being a broker. You could also choose one of these career paths:

  • Property Manager – works for property owners and cares for properties
  • Facility Manager – care for tenants and is concerned with the services they need
  • Real Estate Analyst – Does property analysis and valuation
  • Building Inspector – Examines buildings
  • Director of Real Estate – A corporate job which handles properties for a corporation

So although many people begin their commercial real estate careers as brokers, some move on to other types of careers.


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Qualifications for
Success as a Broker

Important Questions
To Consider

Looking to become a top-tier commercial real-estate professional?
In that case, this career is for you. In detail, this position involves about 20% in-person, 40% phone, and 40% email communications.
Without a doubt, Houston broker jobs require a pleasant phone demeanor. In addition, you should need correct grammar in written communication. Specific qualifications include:

  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Ability to Acquire a Texas Real Estate License (firm-paid)
  • Strong Computer Skills
  • Strong Organizational Skills
  • Grit
  • Trustworthiness

We value self-disciplined, exceptional professionals

What traits make a successful broker?

  • Perseverance – As a commercial real estate agent, a ‘never give up’ attitude is essential.
  • Be a Learner – Successful agents are lifelong learners. Commit to a life of gaining new knowledge and refining your existing knowledge.
  • Patience – Perseverance and hard work are essential, but pushing clients too hard, too fast can sour the deal.
  • Be Disciplined – Commercial brokers often work independently. To be a successful, independent agent, work discipline is crucial to remaining productive.
  • Getting Things Done – A successful agent should be able to focus on each task, complete it, and move on to the next one.
Are you ready to leave a mediocre career for one that certainly makes a difference?
Do you want to thrive in your role?
Would you like to be supported by an engaged management team?
Do you want a team that values hard work, self-discipline, and originality?
Are you ready to grow as much personally as you will professionally?
Do you believe that a good work/life balance is undoubtedly key to a happy and healthy life?
If so, apply for one of our many Houston broker jobs. In the long run, you’ll be part of a one-in-a-million team. Join us and we will have your back. Not only that, but we will support your many successes along the way. In other words, applying today is the first step to a rewarding and exciting career!
Come work with us, not for us. Here at CXRE, we certainly want the right people on the bus. We know that the right team is important when choosing a commercial real estate career. For example, if you value self-discipline, proactive engagement, and creativity, you might be a good fit.
Because we focus on a corporate culture of exceptionalism, our team strives to maximize facility performance in every area. Not only that, but we improve workplaces. We make them healthier, greener facilities with more sustainable processes. If all this appeals to you, in a word, your career search begins here.

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