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CXRE works with commercial real estate investors and owners like you to grow and improve your building revenues, tenant base leasing, property management and brokerage acuity. We provide comprehensive commercial real estate services for Sugar Land commercial property owners and investors.

The City of Sugar Land is a growing Houston suburb. 117,000 residents call it home. You’ll find it about 20 miles southwest of Downtown Houston. As a business destination, office space in Sugar Land is becoming more and more popular.

In fact, the Sugar Land submarket is so popular that Sugar Land currently has one of Houston’s highest office occupancy rates. Altogether, there are over 230 buildings which hold Sugar Land’s office inventory.

And the Sugar Land submarket has a variety of commercial properties, most of which are located along I-69 (the Southwest Freeway). What’s more, you can find Class A office properties, Class B office properties both inside and outside the region.

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Sugar Land Commercial Property Management

CXRE provides professional commercial property management in Sugar Land for office buildings, medical office, retail centers, restaurants, and warehouse/industrial commercial real estate. If you need to get a space leased, we are your advocate. With CXRE, an experienced broker will always be on your side. Services for Sugar Land Commercial real estate owners and investors include:

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CXRE is the building owner’s trusted brokerage, property and leasing team.

About CXRE

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At the heart of CXRE’s Sugar Land commercial real estate services are our commercial property management services, you discover three pillars – deal speed, talent, and a tenant-centric mindset. Without a doubt, we believe that prioritizing these three things leads to success. As a result, we’ve designed our entire In commercial real estate enterprise on these three pillars. In the end, these three things set us apart from other firms working in Sugar Land.

“Our team is always ready to accelerate for you.”

But what are these three pillars? How can they help you expand your Houston commercial real estate portfolio? Below we unpack each one:

Deal Speed: CXRE Delivers Timely Service

Undoubtedly, you want someone on your side who will act quickly when necessary. As a result, our nimble team is ready to act on your behalf. Regardless of the issue, we’re ready to respond quickly.

Because speed is a priority, when you need something, we act.

Knowledgeable, Capable Talent

Eventually, CXRE’s professional, capable, experienced agents become an integral part of your team. How? We tailor our services to your investment strategies. Since our goal is maximizing your commercial real estate portfolio, we work for you. With CXRE on your side, you always have capable advocates to speak and act for you.

Your tenant-centric property management & leasing team.

Our Tenant-Centric Team Prioritizes Your Tenants

Having happy tenants is crucial to your success. On top of that, dissatisfied tenants hurt your commercial real estate investments. So when we manage a property, we prioritize tenant needs. In the end, our team focuses on excellent communication, great service, and effective solutions for tenant issues.

Finding Sugar Land office space doesn’t need to be a challenge for your tenants; let’s put them in your building.

Finding Suitable Sugar Land Office Space

CXRE’s specialists can help you discover suitable office space in Sugar Land. CXRE’s team of Texas-licensed commercial agents (TREC Corporate Broker, CXRE LLC, License #9004453) has years of leasing experience. Therefore CXRE agents & brokers know Sugar Land and the other Houston submarkets.

CXRE offers personalized approaches, customized Sugar Land commercial real estate services, and leasing solutions for all your needs. If you are searching for office space in Sugar Land for rent, we are ready to help.

In addition to our Sugar Land office space leasing solutions, we also provide other services. Our full range of services includes energy management, property management, facility financial management, infrastructure management, construction management, and other specialized services.

Our Houston brokers also have experience with medical offices, land brokerage, warehouses, industrial properties, and commercial real estate investment. For assistance with all your office needs in Sugar Land, let CXRE help. Contact us today for more information.

Sugar Land Office Space for Lease

The thriving City of Sugar Land is one of Houston’s up-and-coming suburbs. Situated about 20 miles southwest of Downtown, Sugar Land has 117,000 residents. This is a significant population growth from the 2010 census when it only had around 79,000 residents. As Sugar Land continues growing, office space for lease becomes more and more attractive to businesses and office tenants.

As the city continues to grow, Sugar Land office space for lease becomes increasingly attractive to prospective office tenants.

The Legacy of Imperial Sugar

Did you know that the City of Sugar Land’s seal features the Imperial Sugar company’s crown logo? Named after Imperial Sugar’s sugarcane crops and refineries, Sugar Land was founded in the 1910s as a company town. It was then incorporated in 1959.

In more recent years, the city has become a popular place to live. In fact, HomeRoute named Sugar Land of the top 100 places to live in 2004. The city also claimed the title of “Fittest City in Texas” several years running (2004-2006, tying with with Round Rock, TX in 2005) for a city of its size.

houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas

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Businesses in Sugar Land Need Office Space

Imperial Sugar has kept its headquarters in Sugar Land since its founding in 1843. But Imperial Sugar isn’t the only business in the city. Many other businesses have launched their operations in or relocated to Sugar Land. As a result, the city is a popular Houston office submarket for office space. Specifically, a variety of engineering, software, and product companies operate in Sugar Land. And unsurprisingly, the energy industry has a strong Sugar Land presence. Specifically, it is home to:

  • CVR Energy, Inc. (a Fortune 500 company)
  • NalcoChampion’s Energy Services division
  • Western Airways

Sugar Land Commercial Real Estate

A Top Business Destination

Over the years, Sugar Land has intentionally expanded its commercial market. Now, the city is a business destination. As a result, Texas Business and Outlook Magazine have ranked it as a top city for business relocation. What’s more, in recent years, two major companies have relocated their Houston-area operations to Sugar Land:

  • Schlumberger – As of 2017, the world’s largest oilfield services company was Sugar Land’s third-largest employer. In 1995, Schlumberger relocated some Houston staff. Then In 2015, the company moved its entire U.S. corporate headquarters to Sugar Land. Now Schlumberger occupies a 33-acre campus and plans to construct additional new buildings.
  • Minute Maid – In 2009, the world’s largest drink and fruit juice marketer relocated its headquarters to Sugar Land Town Square.


Other Companies with a Sugar Land Presence

  • Fluor Corporation — a multinational engineering and construction firm
  • UnitedHealthcare (UnitedHealth Group Inc.) — the world’s largest healthcare company
  • First Data Corporation — a financial services company

Due to a rise in relocations, Sugar Land office space is becoming more and more desirable. This is partially due to its proximity to Houston. The city also provides easy access to airports and major highways. As a result, the city continues to expand.

More Than Business

However, Sugar Land is more than simply a good place to live and do business. Sugar Land’s 200,000 SF Smart Financial Centre hosts all sorts of musical artists, Broadway-style productions, comedy acts, and other performances. Since its January 2017 opening, the state-of-the-art, indoor venue has hosted over 1 million guests. It is owned by the City of Sugar Land and operated by Ambassador Theater Group (ATG).

In 2018, Pollstar ranked Smart Financial Centre 9th worldwide in tickets sales for venues under 10,000 seats. Also, the Houston Press ranked the performance center first in Houston’s Hottest Music Venues in 2018.

Office Space for Rent in Sugar Land

Over the past few decades, the Sugar Land & Stafford submarkets have become a regional employment center. Throughout the area, there is almost 26 million SF of commercial office space. There is also a good deal of office space for rent in the city.

At the end of 2019, Sugar Land had almost 7.8 million SF of office space.

This space was distributed throughout 240 office buildings. In addition, another 115,000 SF of office space was under construction. Furthermore, the average annual asking rates for office space was about $26 per SF. Lastly, the 5-year vacancy average was at 10.6% at the end of 2017.

Office Space for Lease

In the thriving and growing areas around Sugar Land, office space is in demand. Currently, the area hosts a number of larger companies as well as smaller businesses. CXRE’s team of professional office experts knows Sugar Land and can help you find suitable rentable office space for your business or company. Contact Us today and let us find your next commercial office lease.

High Office Occupancy Rates in Sugar Land

Sugar Land has one of the highest office occupancy rates of any major Houston submarket. At the end of Q4 2017, Class A office occupancy was over 92%. This is in contrast to some other suburban areas. In some submarkets, occupancy rates are around 60% or less. The energy industry has experienced several down years. As a result, this downturn has affected office occupancy throughout the Houston metro area. Yet Sugar Land has remained strong with positive absorption since 2010.

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Factors Contributing to Sugar Land Leasing Trends

  • Economic Growth — In the days of Imperial Sugar, the city was a one-company town. However, both the Sugar Land EDC and the Greater Fort Bend EDC have worked hard to attract diverse businesses. And their efforts have paid off. Consequently, Minute Maid was enticed to relocate from the Galleria area to Sugar Land in 2009.
  • Fewer Options, Smaller Tenants — Compared to many other commercial submarkets, Sugar Land is small. Yet despite its size, the commercial office market is diverse. Also, this is a newer office market that draws smaller tenants. However, if smaller tenants vacate office space, it doesn’t leave large holes in the submarket.
  • Quality-of-life Focus — Sugar Land is sometimes compared to another thriving submarket: The Woodlands. Both places have vibrant town centers, newer schools, ample housing, and plenty of amenities. This includes Sugar Land’s Imperial Market, a $200M development of the old Imperial Sugar Refinery. Also, people like the prospect of a short commute to work. Therefore this focus on quality-of-life makes this town an attractive place to both live and work.

For companies seeking commercial office space, this submarket has much to offer. Let CXRE help you find office space for rent today.

Sugar Land Office Buildings

Sugar Land’s office inventory is spread out amongst over 230 buildings. Many of the city’s office buildings are found along the Southwest Freeway (I-69). Additionally, the Sugar Lakes neighborhood has 5 class A office buildings. In addition, there are 15 class B office buildings in Sugar Lake.

Sugar Lakes’ average annual asking office rental rate is about $20.50 per SF. The average office rate for Class A office buildings is $19.60. For Class B, the average rate is about $21.00. Below is a list of some prominent office buildings and brief details on each:

  • Sugar Creek I — 204,377 SF Class A Office building; completed in 1999
  • Sugar Creek II — 204,791 SF Class A Office building; completed in 2008
  • One Sugar Creek — 193,988 SF Class B Office building; completed in 1984
  • Two Sugar Creek Center — 143,410 SF Class A Office building; completed in 1998.
  • Three Sugar Creek — 152,734 SF Class A Office building; completed in 2007
  • Sugar Creek Place I — 151,772 SF Class B Office building; completed in 1998
  • Sugar Creek Place II — 69,011 SF Class B Office building; completed in 2001
  • Commerce Green — 119,860 SF Class B Office building; completed in 1999
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas

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Sugar Land Virtual Offices

Modern business technology lets people work from almost anywhere. Consequently, workers aren’t limited to certain locations. Furthermore, when companies hire additional staff, they don’t need bigger buildings or larger spaces. Their employees can work from a virtual office.

A recent Gallup survey revealed that 43% of employed Americans work remotely at least some of the time.

A recent Gallup survey revealed that 43% of employed Americans work remotely at least some of the time. As increasing numbers of people do some or all of their work from home, coffee shops, or wherever, many dream of a professional, private business environment.

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Types of Sugar Land Virtual Offices

In addition to traditional office spaces, there are also has a number of virtual offices. Without a doubt, all types of people want virtual offices. For example, independent business leaders might want executive offices. Also, telecommuters and ‘solopreneurs’ might want smaller spaces.

As a result, different types of virtual offices are available. Workers might find executive, private, or shared spaces. Depending on the facility, a virtual office may offer things like receptionist services, private conference spaces, phone service, teleconferencing, mail & package handling, and even storage. Consequently, prices vary for virtual offices depending on size, location, amenities, and other things.

Regardless, Sugar Land virtual offices are highly appealing. Mainly, they offer a physical business address. Specifically, this could be in a business office park or an office tower. No matter the location, Sugar Land virtual offices provide independence in a professional setting.


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