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Office Space for Lease Throughout Houston, Texas

At CXRE, we believe there are three things that matter in commercial real estate: high-quality talent, superior tenant-centric services, and unmatched deal speed. Consequently, our team of experts is ready to help you find your next commercial office lease. Or if you’re a property owner, we’re ready to get your property leased.

Our commercial office space leasing experts help companies like yours lease office space throughout Harris County, Texas. In short, for office building owners, we know what it takes to rent your commercial office building. And because our services are tenant-centric, we work for you. We chiefly serve leasing clients in Houston areas like Sugar Land, The Woodlands, and Katy. At the same time, we also serve clients in DFW  and other areas. Clearly, we know the markets.

Tenant-centric office leasing for both tenant-centric owners and small-to-mid-sized businesses

In order to attract the perfect tenants, our office commercial office lease experts use individualized solutions. As a result, you get tailor-made office leasing strategies and plans. What’s more, our customized services help you reach your goals. And we help you find satisfied clientele. In the end, our commercial office leasing solutions are a win-win for everyone.

Overall, we provide a world-class, tenant-centric experience which results in a threefold win. First, tenants get an excellent, talent-rich workplace. Next, our property management team focuses on tenant satisfaction and staying within budget. Last, the families who depend on commercial real estate investments win by receiving sustainable, long-term income from their tenant relationships.

Without a doubt, we know that you want talented people on your side. With CXRE’s respectfully aggressive, tenant-centric, talented professionals on your side, you can’t lose!

Tenant’s Commercial Office Leasing Experts

As a Houston CEO, CFO, or business owner who makes decisions about your company’s location, you that know finding the right office space for your organization is crucial to your success. At CXRE, we understand that reliable office space helps you recruit and retain talented employees. As a result, we’ve positioned our team to find the commercial office property to meet your needs.

You need the right office space to attract the right talent.

On top of that, we know how much time it takes to find the right commercial office lease for your company. Also, we know the process can sometimes become frustrating. Thankfully, our tenant-centric approach to office leases makes the process painless. Because we focus on you, help create a site-selection plan before you even start looking at offices. Before you ever step foot into the first potential new space, we research and strategize with you to learn what you want and need.

Furthermore, we understand the challenges of searching for office space. In general, businesses face issues like expensive spaces, moving delays, getting employees to commute to a new building, and many other details. Because of this, we do our best to make the search process and your transition to a new space as fluid as possible.

With CXRE, fluid site selection, office searches, and transitions are possible.

Without a doubt, we’re experts in commercial office leasing in Texas. So we became commercial office leasing experts through our tenant-centric solutions, which focus on the needs of organizations like yours. As a result, CXRE provides a tenant-centric approach to office leases.

If you’re in the market for a new commercial office broker, contact us today. Learn what our talented team can do for you.

Texas Office Space for Lease

Business is booming in Texas cities like Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and San Antonio. These areas are some of the nation’s fastest growing metropolitan areas.


Houston has over 2.3 million people while the greater Houston metro area has more than 6.3 million residents. What’s more, almost 100,000 people relocated to the city between 2016 and 2017.

Dallas-Ft. Worth

DFW, or The Metroplex is the metro area largest in Texas and one of the country’s largest. There are almost 7.4 million residents and it covers 13 counties, includes Dallas and Fort Worth along with cities like Arlington, Plano, and Frisco.

San Antonio

With a strong local economy and good job growth, San Antonio is one of the Lone Star State’s top thriving metro areas. With almost 2.5 million residents, the Alamo City is one of the nation’s fastest growing metros.

If you’re currently in the market for a commercial office lease in these three cities, CXRE’s office leasing experts can help. What’s more, we can simplify your search for rentable office space. In addition, we can help you secure the ideal Texas location for your company.

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    6671 Southwest Freeway

    Houston, TX 77074

    Welcome to 6671 Southwest Freeway! This prime office property is situated in Hillcroft. Additionally, it’s conveniently located just off of Highway 59 and only...

    • 149904 Sq Ft
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    2611 FM 1960 Road

    Houston, TX 77068

    Prosperity Business Park, located in the FM 1960/Champions corridor, is an eight building office complex, perfectly suited for a wide variety of companies located...

    • 47109 Sq Ft
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    Dickinson Bay Colony Center

    dickinson, Houston, TX 77539

    The Bay Colony Retail Center (includes 650 FM 517 Road W and 630 FM 517 Road W in Dickinson, Texas) is a premier neighborhood...

    • 3642 Sq Ft
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    17300 El Camino Real

    Houston, TX 77058

    Devon Executive Suites offers a range of flexible office leasing options to the areas growing businesses. From a single office to larger companies needing...

    • 26735 Sq Ft
  • For Lease
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    1717 Turning Basin Dr

    Houston, TX 77029

    • 66501 Sq Ft
  • For Lease
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    10701 Vintage Preserve Pky

    Houston, TX 77070

    • 75006 Sq Ft
Personalized Service or Cookie-Cutter Methods?

Generally, clients of a commercial real estate broker have two options. On one hand, your broker can use a cookie-cutter approach to find rentable office space. Undoubtedly, this option is risky. Especially if your broker doesn’t know what you need. Conversely, you can insist on CXRE’s customized experience. Basically, we pair you with an experienced broker. What’s more, you have an advocate working for you. In effect, CXRE offers highly personalized services, not one-size-fits-all methods.

We provide a highly personalized office search

In essence, our commercial real estate brokers devote themselves to you. After all, no two clients are alike. Furthermore, no two buildings or office spaces are the same. As a result, our services start with each client’s commercial office leasing brokerage needs. Once we know what you need, we design a plan for you.

Committed to Excellence

Wherever we go, our commercial office leasing agents certainly strive for excellence. While doing that, we prioritize client needs and goals to help you find rentable office space. In view of that, we form relationships with clients for each commercial property we lease. At the same time, we enjoy finding the perfect office spaces for clients. Without a doubt, we enjoy it almost as much as reaching our own goals. Why? Because together, we’re part of a bigger picture.

Whenever we provide excellent service, we plant seeds in our community. Moreover, we do exactly what our clients expect from us. With this in mind, we provide exceptional, personalized office leasing services. As a result, we are leasing experts in various office markets. On top of that, we lease diverse types of buildings.

Houston | Dallas-Ft. Worth | The Woodlands | Sugar Land | Katy | San Antonio


We use disciplined actions, remarkable client service, and proactive stakeholder engagement to significantly maximize facility occupancy.


As office leasing experts, we offer commercial office leasing and administration, owner agency leasing, and tenant agency leasing. What’s more, we handle office build-out management, retail leasing, and long-term land leases.

In addition to commercial office leasing, we offer:

  • Energy management
  • Expense reporting
  • Class A & LEED transitions
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Security team coordination
  • Supplier audits
  • In-house building and structure teams
  • Complete asset maintenance
  • Facility financial management
  • Income reporting and deposits
  • Lease audits and lease administration
  • Asset management dashboards
  • Construction management
  • Lease abstracts
  • Building engineers and porters
  • IT and infrastructure management


Efficiency means doing the right things. CXRE focuses client resources on efficient services.


CXRE is the leader in doing things right. We lead through effective business modeling, reporting, and asset maximization.

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Excellent service is everything. With this in mind, CXRE property managers receive client-service training at AAA Five Diamond resorts.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Office Space Leases

Unlike residential leases, commercial office space leases can be complex. As a result, there’s no such thing as a boilerplate or standard commercial lease. Since each commercial office lease is tailored to a specific property, being informed during negotiations is important. Before entering into a lease agreement, you should contact your broker and licensed attorney to get familiar with the 11 key parts of a commercial office lease:

There’s no such thing as a boilerplate or standard commercial lease.

  1. What is the definition of a lease term?
    The length of the lease, or rather, when the lease begins and ends along with options for renewal.
  2. What is the definition of rent?
    The price you pay each month along with potential escalations (increases) for rentable office space.
  3. What is defined as leased space?
    Includes not only the space your company will use but also common areas such as restrooms, elevators, and hallways.
  4. What are the various types of lease types?
    There are several types of commercial leases. These include the gross lease (includes things like maintenance costs, insurance, and property taxes) and the net lease (separates charges for the aforementioned items).
  5. What is a security deposit on a lease?
    The amount to be paid and the conditions under which the landlord returns your security deposit.
  6. What is a lease termination?
    Notice requirements for lease termination, penalties for early termination, and other issues related to terminating your commercial office lease.
  7. What is a property modification and improvements clause?
    If build-outs and upgrades are required for rentable office space, including accessible compliance, when they will be performed, and by whom. The lease also states who will pay for these.
  8. What is the definition of property maintenance and repairs?
    Specifies responsibility for the property’s upkeep.
  9. What about the signage provisions in a lease?
    Where you may place signage along with the specifications for size and type.
  10. What about sublease terms?
    If you no longer need all of the leases space, this sometimes gives you the opportunity to sublease space your excess office space to other companies.
  11. How are lease disputes handled?
    This is frequently a section which lays out the steps before arriving at the need for arbitration or court protocols if disagreements exist in a lease.

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