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CXRE Group offers expert commercial property management services. As such, we serve the Lone Star State’s major markets. Specifically, we provide commercial property management services in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. Even more, CXRE offers almost every office lease and management service available. We handle lease administration, financial services, facility operations, and other services. On top of that, our in-house compliance, technical, and engineering experts serve you.

Without a doubt, we want owners to be their best. As a result, our services help clients preserve their assets. Overall, our team handles both management and office building leasing. But we also handle medical facilities and special-purpose assets. In light of this, we create tailor-made, big-picture solutions. At the same time, we never use cookie-cutter methods. In addition, our team helps you keep tenants. Above all, our team is tenant-centric. In the end, we work for you!

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Altogether, our goal is improving assets. As a result, we focus on effective actions, tenant service, and positive client relationships.


Since we offer a full range of services, we can meet all your needs. We handle building operations, tenant communications, lease administration, and office leasing. Moreover, we also handle build-out management, facility maintenance, and stakeholder reporting.

CASE STUDY: Why a Publicly-Traded Company Placed 160 Buildings with CXRE

The Problem: Multiple Vendors

In 2006, Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL) was struggling. First of all, they had 1.2 million SF of commercial properties. Secondly, they had 160 facilities in 50 cities. On top of that, the company had several types of properties. Of course, there were offices. But there were also training areas, data centers, and mechanical spaces. Also, there were both urban and rural facilities. In addition, they were spread across 250 miles.

In light of this, they struggled. The company couldn’t find one single property manager to handle it all. They chose multiple local vendors as a result. For all these reasons, Consolidated Communications faced headaches and high costs. However, they felt they could certainly improve their property management and add value. But how? In the end, they made a plan – consolidate vendors and services. Ideally, they wanted a single manager for all 160 properties.

The Solution: Single Source, Full-Service Commercial Property Management

In the end, Consolidated Communications chose CXRE’s Omega Group. As a result, we took over services at all 160 buildings. And we did it all on the same day. As soon as we began, the client’s real estate manager was pleased. In contrast to the previous experience, we provided a smooth transition and excellent service.

Specifically, CXRE offered two major benefits. Firstly, we saved them about $360,000 in the first 3 years. Secondly, we provided real-time photo inspections. So the staff didn’t need to inspect 160 properties. In the end, the company also saved many travel hours.


Efficiency is doing only the right things. So CXRE® focuses client resources on efficient services.


CXRE® has been the leader in doing things right. We lead through effective business modeling, reporting, and asset maximization.

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Service is everything. With this in mind, CXRE® sends our property managers for training in excellent client service at AAA Five Star Resorts.

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