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The Biggest Commercial Real Estate Owners

The Largest Commercial Real Estate Owners Without a doubt, commercial real estate (CRE) is a multi-billion dollar industry. This sector includes office buildings, hotels, strip malls, restaurants, retailers, gas stations, warehouses, medical office and other non-residential properties. Across the globe, there are a handful of companies that control these assets. The companies own and manage hundreds of millions of square feet of commercial real estate. In this article, we look at some of the biggest commercial real estate owners in the world. We also present a table which details each company’s holdings. The Largest Commercial Real Estate Companies One of the major keys for a successful commercial real estate investment is an attentive real estate operation. If an ownership group isn’t attentive to tenants’ needs, the property could suffer. At the same time, size can be detrimental to quality management. For example, as a group’s portfolio size increases, a building’s tenant gets a smaller percentage […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Houston Commercial Property Management

Houston Property Management Guide

Commercial property management is a full-time job that encompasses the day-to-day responsibilities of operating an income producing property. But when it comes to the management of commercial properties specifically, the job can be rather challenging and complex. The manager of a commercial property, whether it is an office complex, retail center, industrial building or medical office building, is responsible for looking after its accounting, cleaning, maintenance and day-to-day operations. Additionally, property management companies are tasked with collection of rents from the tenants, as well as negotiation of lease agreements. Jump Over to Our Commercial Real Estate Page for Houston, Texas As the largest city in Texas, Houston has an abundance of all types of commercial properties. From the many office buildings located in the Houston Downtown CBD, River Oaks, Galleria-Uptown and Katy area, to the Texas Medical Center, to the many retail developments in the outer suburbs and the many industrial areas scattered around the […]

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Property Manager vs. Facilities Manager

Property Manager or Facilities Manager: Learn Which You Need What’s the difference between a facilities manager and a property manager? If you have commercial assets, which one is more useful? Between property and facilities management, which is the better option for your commercial property (or properties)?  Generally, the functions of both roles differ. However, it depends on the type of property and the facilities that the mangers oversee. In this article, we highlight the roles of commercial office space facilities manager and property manager. What’s more, we also outline the functions of each role to help you decide which you need, or if you need both. Read more about our commercial property management services on our website. The Function of Each Role Before you choose a service for your building, you should first know about the function of both facilities managers and property managers. Without a doubt, each role is an important part of your […]

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Designing a Smart Office Building

In the past, the cost of energy in Houston was low and Texas businesses were willing to put up with inefficient buildings and energy-wasting technologies. Incandescent lights blazed all night long in offices and air conditioning ran non-stop in buildings warmed by people and mechanical equipment, even when outside air could have provided cooling. As the cost of energy has increased and the stagnant economy has forced smart companies to look for ways to control expenses, smart office design has become a must for businesses that care about efficiency, employee comfort and sustainability. Smart office design systems and technologies can benefit existing offices that are being renovated as well as newly constructed buildings. What strategies are important in designing a smart office? High efficiency lighting If it’s a new building in Houston, then daylighting should be part of the design strategy. Why pay for light that the sun can provide for free? Daylighting requirements should […]

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5 Hidden Problems with Commercial Property Management Companies

To paraphrase Forest Gump, property management companies are like a box of chocolates. The reality is, you never know what you’ll get. As the title of this article suggests, these problems aren’t obvious and evident. You may not know that there are problems with your management company until it’s too late. Although there are many excellent property management companies with exceptional staff who offer excellent service, there are also many less-than-stellar companies. In this article, we review some hidden problems with commercial property management companies. We also offer some tips for choosing the right management company for your needs. 1. Inconsistent Financial Reporting One of the major hidden issues is inconsistent financial reporting isn’t consistent. From company to company, regular, consistent reporting varies. Even within some management companies, the quality of financial reporting may vary from month to month 2. The Shifting-Staff Shell Game Another hidden problems with commercial property management companies is their practice […]

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