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Property and Facilities Management

What is the difference between a facilities manager and a property manager?

Roles for both differ depending on the type of property and facilities management they are overseeing. In this article, we will focus on the commercial office space facilities manager and property manager.

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To realize the differences it’s best to focus on the similarities. Both maintain commercial properties and both provide asset management through the procurement of service professionals such as janitorial, overall building and parking lot repair and maintenance. However, the roles divert in different directions at a point in the facilities manager and property manager job roles.

Property Manager Roles

The owner of a building with multiple tenants will hire a leasing manager who is first responsible for leasing a commercial office space. It sounds pretty cut and dry but there are many financial aspects to this responsibility including marketing, tenant prospecting, rental rate analysis, lease negotiations, lease prep, overseeing leasehold improvements, space planning and bidding. All of this must happen before a tenant is actively in the space.

Once the office space is occupied, the owner of the building may contract with the property manager to maintain the facilities. This may include the financial side of maintenance such as budget projections, tenant rent collection and disbursement and insurance settlements. In addition, the property manager may be called upon to also provide site inspections and evaluations, renovations, security and around-the-clock emergency response. The property manager will nearly always be tasked with the daily maintenance of the building to include hiring onsite staff for security, janitorial, general maintenance, and landscape.

Facility Manager Roles

The facilities manager is hired by a company owning and occupying one or several buildings. The facilities manager’s responsibility is the care, maintenance and oversight of the company’s building. Along with that, the facilities manager has several other responsibilities directly related to a smooth-functioning office environment within the building.

Procurement for the company as a whole includes items such as printers, fax machines, phones, furniture, and other needs one can think of that is required to keep an office facility functioning. In addition, they are required to contract services such as, systems and assets repair which would include the building and those systems within such as the HVAC, phones, and other equipment.

However, it’s not just about managing assets, space and systems. Facilities managers are expected to understand their company’s core business strategies and contribute to the bottom line — not only by reducing facility costs, but also by improving productivity, revenue generating capacity and the image of their organizations.

Similar Building Management Roles

In reviewing the similarities, a very simple difference between the property manager and facilities manager appears before us. It is who directs each in their duties. The Chief Operating Office at GreenEfficient, explains “A property manager usually is assigned by an owner of a building that has multiple tenants and is generating revenue by leasing out sections of the building. “A facilities manager typically works for a company that owns or leases multiple properties.”

The difference may seem minute, but if you think about the focus and direction of a building owner versus a company owning and occupying the space, the roles can vary greatly depending upon the needs of those occupants within.

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