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CXRE Group is a team of Texas-licensed brokers and agents, specializing in commercial property, office buildings, retail centers, medical office, RV parks, multifamily and self-storage commercial real estate. (TREC Corporate Broker, CXRE LLC, License #9004453). Without a doubt, we work for you in central Texas. In particular, we serve Houston, San Antonio, and Dallas-Fort Worth. We have set ourselves up strongly in several markets. To that end, we can often find and broker off-market deals for our clients. Also, our in-house technical staff is on your team. In a word, we are expert partners who are on your side.

We Find and Improve Client Assets

In order to best assist you, our job is knowing the local commercial property for sale markets. Of course, our experts know the urban markets and submarkets well. On top of that, we also know the suburban and rural markets. Not only that, but our commercial real estate brokers deal with all types of properties. In brief, we can handle office buildings, land, medical office buildings, and industrial warehouses. Regardless of your location or the property type, we can assist you.

Chiefly, our team wants to make your assets better. Not only that but we want your assets to perform well. To that end, we have ways to help you find good properties and keep tenants.

All in all, our commercial property sales & management services help you reduce tenant turnover. And if you are looking for potential investments, then we do the legwork for you. After that, we tell you if an asset is a good investment for you or not. Due to our experience and expertise, you can always rely on us.

In general, the real estate market is not zero-sum for anyone. In reality, gains and losses are not evenly balanced. In truth, both tenant reps and owner reps deal with pricing competition. To that end, we assist both groups with their property needs. On top of that, both sides need a strong advocate. As a result, we serve both building owners and investors. No matter which side of the transaction you’re on, we can assist you. At the end of the day, we want everyone to do well. To sum up, we work for everyone’s benefit.

Without a doubt, great investments help you keep tenants. On top of that, low turnover improves benefits for investors like you.

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Texas Commercial Real Estate Investment Services

  • Owner Advisory & Representation
  • Lease Abstracts
  • Office Turn-Arounds
  • Commercial Real Estate Leasing & Sales
  • Office Investment Analysis
  • Expense Management & Reporting
  • Complete Facility Maintenance
  • Facility Financial Management
  • Corporate Property Restructuring
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Asset Management Dashboards
  • Construction Management
  • Workplace Solutions
  • Office Management

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Our commercial real estate brokers improve your returns. On top of that, we add value to your assets. Specifically, we use deep relationships, great client service, and proactive stakeholder engagement. In addition, we follow the 5 investing steps to reach goals, both yours and ours.


5 Investing Steps

Case Study: How We Saved a Building Investor $3 Million

The Problem: LEED Lease Violations by a Property Manager

In early 2008, Panatonni reached out to us to help with some issues. In brief, the company was getting bad service for the properties. Not only was their management company doing a poor job, but their facility management company was too. Surprisingly, these were publicly-traded companies. What’s worse, they were the nation’s largest property manager AND the largest facilities manager.

After seeing our reports, the owner began to make changes.

At that time, the facilities were 90% occupied. Also, the tenants were working on a lease clawback process. Specifically, they had issues with LEED provisions in their leases. On top of that, tenants had concerns about sustainability requirements. However, the management company wasn’t following any of these provisions. As a result, Panatonni was struggling.

In light of what we knew, did an audit of the properties. In short, we reviewed 300,000 SF of LEED facilities. After seeing our reports, the owner began to make changes. First of all, they got rid of the property manager and facility vendor. And they did this within 30 days. However, this left them without service providers.

The Solution: A Planned Return to LEED Lease Compliance

Without a property management team in place, the owner hired CXRE to help. Since we already knew the issues, we jumped right in and got started. In brief, the facilities needed to return to the original standards. On top of that, the owners wanted to interact more with tenants. For this reason, CXRE started a six-month process to make these changes.

First of all, we brought the facilities back up to LEED and EnergyStar standards. Also, we made sure that all the tenants followed LEED lease provisions. Once we did all this, Panatonni sold the assets to a different owner. All in all, CXRE managed the properties from 2008 to 2011.

In the end, we saved the owners both time and money over three years.

On one hand, we saved the owners’ about $450,000 in lease clawbacks. In short, we did this by lowering the tenants’ LEED lease claims. Also, we improved the facilities’ EnergyStar performance. At the same time, we created over $3,000,000 in asset value protection for the owners. In essence, we kept tenants satisfaction levels high. And on the whole, this led to more lease renewals. To sum up, CXRE improved the facilities and increased the owners’ overall benefits.


Efficiency is doing only the right things. For this reason, CXRE® focuses client resources on efficiency.


On the whole, CXRE® has been the leader in doing things right. As a result, we lead through effective business modeling, reporting, and asset maximization.

Want to Know More? Let’s Talk!


We desire excellence. So, CXRE® sends our property managers to AAA Five Star Resorts for training in remarkable client service.


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Without a doubt, your
tenants are 100% of your
asset value


Additionally, investors want
a tenant-centric approach
to managing their buildings.


Specifically, we are
respectfully aggressive
brokers first.


On the whole, we have over 20 years of commercial real estate management experience. Because of this, our property managers can help retain your tenants and strengthen your asset.


CXRE chiefly provides Texas-wide commercial property management services. Specifically, we handle office space, medical office, medical, industrial-flex, and virtual office spaces.

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