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Greenway Plaza Office Space - Upper Kirby Offices for Lease

Greenway Plaza Office Space for Lease

Five miles West of Downtown Houston is the Greenway Plaza/Upper Kirby commercial office submarket. The 3 square-mile area sits along I-69. It is also just inside the West Loop (Highway 610). As a result, the submarket is convenient for commuters. Furthermore, it is a short drive to Houston’s airports. On top of that, it is one of the Houston metro area’s largest employment centers.

Greenway Plaza Office Spaces for Rent

Within the submarket is Greenway Plaza. The campus is a master-planned development. Because of this, the campus and the surrounding areas are ideally suited for business. As a result, there are many great Greenway Plaza office spaces for rent.

All total, the submarket has almost 9.9 million SF of office space. Over 7.3 million SF of this is Class A office space. Also, there is over 2.5 million SF of class B office space. In addition, much of this space is on campus. Consequently, there are many potential office spaces for rent.

However, this master-planned development has more than offices. This mixed-use development also has lots of amenities. the area has hotels, conference facilities, dining, fitness facilities, printing and graphics services, full-service banking centers, and a newly renovated underground food court. In addition, the complex has numerous green spaces and is very walkable.

Also located in the community is the nondenominational Lakewood Church. The church has one of the nation’s largest congregations. Lakewood’s main campus is the former home of the NBA’s Houston Rockets. Previously, the facility was known as ‘The Summit’ and the ‘Compaq Center.’

Greenway Plaza Office Buildings

The Greenway Plaza Campus

Development on the campus began in the 1960s. The first office tower, One Greenway Plaza, opened in 1969. One of the earliest tenants was the M. W. Kellogg company (now KBR, Inc.). At one time, the company occupied all of Three Greenway Plaza along with additional space in the development.

Greenway Plaza has 11 major buildings. 10 of these are office towers. Altogether, there is almost 4.9 million SF of office space. These buildings are spread across the 52-acre campus. A system of skyways, tunnels, and underground parking garages connect the office towers. Because of these reasons, the development is a unique working environment.

Below is a list of office buildings and brief details about each one:

  • One Greenway Plaza — 11 Floors, 210,038 SF
  • Two Greenway Plaza — 11 Floors, 209,914 SF
  • Three Greenway Plaza — 21 Floors, 518,578 SF
  • Four Greenway Plaza — 11 Floors, 241,294 SF
  • Five Greenway Plaza — 31 Floors, 912,011 SF
  • Eight Greenway Plaza — 15 Floors, 255,305 SF
  • Nine Greenway Plaza — 31 Floors, 746,824 SF
  • Eleven Greenway Plaza — 31 Floors, 745,956 SF
  • Twelve Greenway Plaza — 15 Floors, 254,920 SF
  • Phoenix Tower — 34 Floors, 627,320 SF
  • 3800 Buffalo Speedway — 5 Floors, 155,801 SF

Several companies have headquarters in these office buildings. Some of them include Buckeye Partners, FlightAware, Boardwalk Pipeline Partners, and Mitsui Oil Exploration. Other companies with a presence are Occidental Petroleum, Humana, Invesco, and Direct Energy.

The T-Mobile Tower

In addition to the office buildings listed above, there are other office spaces for rent. The re-christened 17-story T-Mobile Tower was previously known as River Oaks Tower. The building’s naming rights allowed T-Mobile to rename the building after itself.

T-Mobile formerly occupied office space at Two Greenway Plaza. However, the company ended their 22-year stay to relocate. Consequently, T-Mobile now occupies almost 30,000 SF (three and a half floors) in their new building.

Leasing Office Space in Greenway

Greenway’s commercial office spaces offer companies a unique business environment. Currently, lease prices are comparable to Midtown, Katy Freeway East, and The Woodlands. Greenway Plaza office space for lease is averaging around $34 per SF. Class A spaces cost around $36 per SF annually. In contrast, Class B spaces average about $27 per SF annually.

Find Greenway Plaza Office Space for Lease

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