Construction Project Management

At CXRE we know how valuable your time is.  Therefore, we offer professional commercial construction project management services for properties and businesses of all sizes.

Our experienced and dedicated team can manage all aspects of your project’s needs including planning, execution, monitoring, cost control, and closure of your construction projects.

No matter what type of project you have, we can manage it from start to finish.

Our Promise to You

Men shaking hands At CXRE, we utilize our decades of combined experience to serve you to the best of our ability. Our three pillars of property management – deal speed, knowledgeable and capable talent, and tenant-centric service – sets us apart from our competitors. We adhere to those pillars in all aspects of our business, including construction property management.

Construction project management is just one piece of what we do. Our entire business is centered around you and your tenants, helping you design, build, and maintain a property that attracts high-quality renters and keeps them there for the long haul.

Focusing on Improving Property Value

If you’re an investor or property owner, undoubtedly your main concern is increasing your property’s value. Foreclosed properties or older properties typically require substantial repairs and renovations to operate safely. Even newer properties could benefit from renovations.

Our project managers can help you identify areas of improvement, determine which projects will have the best return on investment, and help you manage every step of the project, from design to completion. Each of our commercial real estate professionals has the knowledge and experience to help you make the best decision for your investment.

More Than Construction Project Management

In addition, once the project is finished, we can continue serving you and your business. We offer more than just commercial construction management services. We also provide property management and leasing services, portfolio management, and commercial real estate brokerage services. No matter your end goal after construction, CXRE can continue to be your trusted source for superior service.

How can a Project Manager Benefit Your Business’s Construction Plan?

Our construction project management team can help protect your business in a variety of ways.

Client and Project Protection

Professional woman with arms crossed A Project Manager’s in-depth knowledge of construction and management ensures the protection of all involved. We keep the best interest of the client and the project at the forefront throughout the construction process. Furthermore, a Project Manager will help you set the scope, schedule all necessary components, and budget accurately at the beginning.

We know you want the maximum return on investment for your project. Therefore, we identify the repairs and renovations that will have the highest rate of return and suggest which repairs aren’t as important. And we will work to get everything done at the best possible quality, within time constraints, and within your budget.

Effective Communication

With a Project Manager, you will have one point of contact for all your concerns, questions, and logistics.

No matter the size of your project, the construction project management pro will be the one point of contact and all communication between the business owner and contractors. Therefore, all communication to be clearly and efficiently relayed between parties.

Furthermore, we will maintain constant communication with you. We recognize the importance of keeping you updated about the project’s progress, so you can expect to hear from us every step of the way.

Efficiency of Your Project

A Project Manager will prioritize your business and can help avoid unnecessary delays in construction. Furthermore, construction project management can help to guarantee project progression and run a far more efficient workforce. We know that your time is important. Delays can be costly, and we will do everything in our power to make sure your project stays on task.

Cost Control

Table with financial papers A Project Manager has a responsibility to the client to get the best price, from the right suppliers, and to get the job done within the desired timeframe. Undoubtedly, these time and cost savings directly benefit the client.

Your return on investment depends largely on the overall cost of the project. We work hard to secure the best subcontractors, who can complete the project well within budget and can get your project done on time. We understand the value of your time and the importance of this investment. That’s why we put your interests first.


To learn how CXRE can provide commercial construction project management for your business, please contact one of our commercial real estate professionals.

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