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CXRE manages coworking office spaces for forward-thinking coworking companies, business suite operators, innovation labs, corporate technology hubs and sub-leased floors. Our innovative approach to Houston coworking management and community culture allows owners to see maximized results from their coworking space investments. Using customized Citrix-based systems, we manage phone booths, conference rooms, kitchens, coffee bars, data pipes and furniture assets with excellence.

By pairing our coworking office management services with our telecommuting platform, you will realize accelerated utilization rates for your real estate investments.

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Are you a landlord or building owner with large amounts of excess office space? CXRE can manage the design, build-out, finishing, lease-up and management of successful coworking spaces in Houston. We provide turn-key services for your coworking community in your office, retail, or warehouse building.

Why Coworking with CXRE?

There are two main reasons why you should choose CXRE to handle Houston coworking management in your commercial property. Primarily, CXRE has 20 years of experience in the coworking sector. Secondly, we offer full service. Specifically, we partner with landlords like you to design, develop, and manage Houston coworking spaces, virtual offices, and short-term office space. Read more about what CXRE’s Houston coworking management team can do for you.

Houston: A Growing Coworking Metropolis

Houston is one of the nation’s fastest-growing metros. The city of Houston has almost 2.3 million residents. By 2020, Houston will have over 2.5 million residents. The greater Houston metro area has over 6.3 million residents. As more and more people relocate to Houston for work, increasing numbers are on the hunt for coworking spaces.

Our Virtual Offices & Coworking Services Overview

Without a doubt, today’s workforce is becoming more mobile and more nimble than ever before. From contract workers and freelancers to startups and entrepreneurs, many people choose coworking spaces over traditional office spaces. Yet at the same time, to conduct business in Houston virtual offices, these people also look for certain services and amenities.

Not only can we handle the design and build-out of your building’s coworking space, but we also handle lease-up of your Houston coworking space.

When we design and manage coworking spaces, we offer your tenants services and amenities. Although the exact services may differ from space to space, overall, we provide tenants with services such as:

    • Business/ Corporate Address Services
    • Receptionist Services
    • IT Support
    • Phone, Teleconference, & Fax Numbers
    • Phone Answering & Forwarding
    • Cleaning Services
    • Mail & Package Handling
    • Scanning & Shredding
    • Storage

The Many Benefits of Coworking

With access to prime coworking spaces which have excellent services and amenities, tenants won’t be sacrificing anything when they choose your coworking community. Instead, they will gain much more. Regardless of whether they need short-term office space, executive offices, or a collaborative co-working environment, CXRE provides what they need.

With Houston virtual offices like the ones we set up, these independent workers benefit from great work areas, a business address, meeting facilities, and other things. In the end, CXRE virtual give your tenants the best of both worlds — a professional setting with exceptional service and independence to suit their work needs.

The Evolving Definition of ‘Work’

Modern business technology allows workers freedom not to work in traditional environments or remain in a single location. What’s more, telecommuting means companies no longer need to expand their facilities before hiring additional staff. If you have excess facilities, then you’re poised to take advantage of the trend towards non-traditional office and coworking spaces.

Coworking Space Design & Layout

Starting with your blank slate, we design and layout a coworking environment. Since everyone has their own working style, we design coworking environments to accommodate a variety of people and styles.

In our coworking spaces, there are low-key areas and places to gather around the water cooler. In the end, our number one goal is giving each and every tenant a space that suits them along with the opportunity for an occasional change of scenery.

Some people may be reluctant to try a coworking environment. They might imagine it being too loud or too open or too casual. Yet CXRE takes the different needs of various professionals into account when we design our coworking spaces. In the coworking spaces we design, tenants find shared offices, private offices, and even standing-only spaces.

We understand that some people appreciate higher levels of social interaction. As a result, we create gathering spaces where people can enjoy each other’s company. On the other hand, some people want more privacy. Yet even the most social people also need quiet space for from time to time for meetings, phone calls, and other reasons.

Consequently, we design our Houston coworking spaces to meet a wide range of needs. Specifically, your tenants have access to find shared work areas where they can mingle along with meeting rooms for much-needed privacy. Yet on top of functionality, we don’t neglect aesthetics. When you work with CXRE, you get thoughtful workspace design to attract coworking tenants to your property. Let us transform your vacant commercial property into a productive, enticing coworking space.

Space Build-Out & Coworking Construction Management

At CXRE, we have many years of build-out management under our belt. Consequently, we can handle your coworking project from planning all the way to welcoming the first tenant. Specifically, we manage the construction company throughout the build-out phase. We know that the coworking space in your property needs to attract tenants. And we know what it takes to formulate a plan that’s appropriate for your property and bring it to completion.

Over the years, our team has managed numerous build-out projects. Starting from the design, we partner with some of the Houston area’s top contractors to create your coworking space. From the outset, we provide a clear project budget. And, we track the budget, keeping you up-to-date along the way. On top of that, we establish a timeline with milestones to make sure the project remains on schedule. What’s more, our design experts work closely with the construction team to ensure the finished project matches the agreed-upon plans.

No Issues Too Small or Big

Also, with the CXRE team managing your coworking space build-out, you don’t need to worry when issues crop up. As experienced problem solvers, we can work through whatever problems your project faces. From simple renovations to major overhauls, we can manage your Houston coworking management project regardless of the scope or size.

We know that every build-out is unique. Yet, we manage every step of the build-out so delivery goes as smoothly as possible. Our team will make sure your coworking build-out stays true to the design, keeps to the timeline, and stays within budget.

The Growth of Co-working
Currently, an estimated 750,000 people currently use coworking spaces. Overall, coworking spaces continue to multiply across the nation. Coworking spaces are predicted to double from their original rates, reaching some 50,000 spaces by 2022.

Coworking Lease-Up

Not only can we handle the design and build-out of your property’s coworking space, but we also handle lease-up of your Houston coworking space. No matter what type of lease agreement you choose for your tenants, our team of leasing experts will handle the lease-ups for your coworking spaces.

First of all, we take care of the marketing for your coworking space. To attract the right coworking tenants, our leasing experts utilize individualized solutions and tailor-made strategies. After that, we screen potential tenants and help you find and clients. As we find tenants for your property, we take care of all the clerical tasks, like paperwork and collecting initial rent, including any required deposits.

A Win-Win for Coworking Space Operators, Owners and Tenants

In the end, our leasing solutions are a win-win for both you and your tenants. In general, we focus on providing a world-class, tenant-centric experience. Because of this, your tenants benefit from an excellent coworking environment. On top of that, our leasing solutions help you to make the most of your property and maximize your assets.

A talented, tenant-centric professional leasing team on your side…

Without a doubt, you need a talented leasing team working for you. With CXRE’s of talented, tenant-centric professional leasing team on your side, we get your property leased without you needing to do anything. And since we operate on a tenant-centric philosophy, we help you to retain your tenants. Once your property is leased up, we can also handle the management.

Coworking Community Management

Coworking is much more than working. Without a doubt, whenever you work alongside others, it involves community. Yet fostering a genuine community where everyone feels welcome and included takes effort. Indeed, Houston coworking management takes a certain type of individual to bring together a group of individuals and help them feel like they belong together. Without a doubt, our Houston coworking management services can transform your office, retail, or warehouse building into a coworking community.

Based on the importance of community with the coworking sector, we hire community managers for coworking spaces. But what type of people do we look for? There are several characteristics of successful coworking community managers. Firstly, these people need to love the space itself. Secondly, they should be passionate about people. They need to enjoy being around people and enjoy connecting with others.

Also, community managers should have a willingness to do any job, no matter how small, in order to keep the coworking community running smoothly. At the same time, a good community manager needs to be someone who works well independently and doesn’t require a lot of supervision. They need to be self-motivated problem solvers who can get things done.

Since coworking revolves around the community, you need a community manager to bring the community together. And although the people in your coworking space may work for the same companies or on the same projects, this way of working is still collaborative. As a result, we search for the type of people who embody all the above. We look for community managers who will make coffee, but who can also make conversation and help everyone feel like they belong to a community.

Choose CXRE to Develop and Manage Your Coworking Space

CXRE can turn-key the development, lease-up, and management of your coworking community in your office, retail or warehouse building. To get the best for your planned coworking space, choose CXRE for your Houston coworking management needs. Also, if you need a virtual office Houston for personal use, contact CXRE. Alternatively, if you’re ready to invest in Houston commercial real estate, our experienced team of commercial real estate brokers is ready to assist you.

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