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Elevator Maintenance

ThyssenKrupps New Magnetic Elevator System

GreenEfficient manages elevators by providing maintenance and repair of elevators and other vertical lift programs. Elevators don’t just go up and down anymore. Ever since Elisha Otis introduced the safety elevator in 1854, elevators, or lifts, have been a common feature of multi-story buildings. Over time the technology has evolved and improved, but the concept has basically remained the same – elevators go up and elevators come down. Now, ThyssenKrupp, a world leader in elevator production, is changing the way elevators operate. The company’s new Magnetic Elevator System is like something out of a science fiction movie, trading cables for powerful magnets that can move the cabin vertically like traditional elevators. However, the revolutionary magnetic system allows the cabin to move horizontally as well, or even on an incline. According to, the ThyssenKrupp New Magnetic Elevator System uses existing magnetic technology, the type used in some train systems. First introduced in 2014, the cable-free […]

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How to know you need a Financial Advisor

A very common misconception these days is that financial advisors are no longer a necessity. This could not be further from the truth. With a volatile stock market, the constant struggle of small business, and governments all over the world struggling with how to handle their individual economies, now, more than ever before, a financial advisor can be your best defense against your own personal economic turmoil. This is true for the independently wealthy, just as it is for the not so wealthy.It does not matter if a person is making enough money to live comfortably off of their investments alone, or if they are surviving paycheck to paycheck, a financial planner will be an asset. A financial planner will advise of potential threats to not only any savings, but will be more than qualified to advise on matters regarding retirement, benefits, and investments. For those already in a position to live without worrying about […]

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Thunderbird 6 to Remedy Mozilla’s Email Bugs

Mozilla’s famed web browser, Firefox, has recently seen the release of its latest version, Firefox 6. Along with the new browser, Firefox has updated its counterpart email client, Thunderbird. The new Thunderbird 6 fixes several glitches that were seen in the previous version, making it a definite improvement for users. However, the new client is a bit lacking in new features.Several new features do make the version a worthwhile upgrade, however. Thunderbird has previously been able to import data from Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft’s personal information manager which includes its own email capabilities as well as several other features including a calendar, contact list, and built in web browser among others. The new Thunderbird 6, however, improves this capability. The new version boasts noticeable improvements in speed and usability, in part due to its newly improved user interface. It also has better support for themes and can interface with Windows 7’s jumplists for convenience. These jumplists […]

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48 Million Skypers Can’t Be Wrong, Can They?

You’ve no doubt heard the irrepressible statistic that there are more than eight million people living in New York City, but you may not hear as often that more than six times as many people are using Skype. It doesn’t take more than a New York minute to see why. The app can turn almost any Mac or PC into a phone, permitting you to call someone else’s computer for free and chat via a microphone or Bluetooth headset. And if all your loved ones haven’t already dumped their landlines, Skype lets you call those for a nominal fee. Maybe you know all this, so what more is there to say? Well, like any other app ever created, Skype can do a lot of tricks you may not know about. In a post on Skype 4.1, DownLoadAtoZ notes you can easily import contacts from your e-mail address book. And since businesses large and small use […]

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