48 Million Skypers Can’t Be Wrong, Can They?

You’ve no doubt heard the irrepressible statistic that there are more than eight million people living in New York City, but you may not hear as often that more than six times as many people are using Skype.

It doesn’t take more than a New York minute to see why. The app can turn almost any Mac or PC into a phone, permitting you to call someone else’s computer for free and chat via a microphone or Bluetooth headset. And if all your loved ones haven’t already dumped their landlines, Skype lets you call those for a nominal fee. Maybe you know all this, so what more is there to say? Well, like any other app ever created, Skype can do a lot of tricks you may not know about.

In a post on Skype 4.1, DownLoadAtoZ notes you can easily import contacts from your e-mail address book. And since businesses large and small use Skype for their day-to-day, too, they are no doubt finding it handy to use the “send contacts” option to share connections with other Skype users.  The post goes on to recommend that you tweak your privacy settings so that only those you authorize can Skype you.

One of the post’s more debatable tips is using a headset with a built-in microphone and encouraging your fellow Skypers to do the same, though with beans has found that Skype sound quality can vary according to well, variables, including what operating system you and your fellow Skyper are using and the respective quality of your headsets. Also, your computer’s built-in mike (assuming you can find it) will often work as well as or better than a headset microphone.

And if you think you can handle the truth, there are many more Skype tips out there. Maximum PC does out 20 good ones, including how to make Skype calls with your smart phone, how to have Skype give you a wake-up call, and how to unleash Skype’s “hidden emoticons”  — well, maybe that one was best kept secret.

Image source: Skype

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