Why Sign an Exclusive Agreement?

Why Sign an Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement with CXRE?

CXRE only works through Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreements because when you choose CXRE as your CRE advocate, we invest all of our resources in helping you find the best investment property. Whether you’re purchasing Houston commercial real estate or property in another city, when you sign an exclusive agreement with us, we give 100% of our effort, every time.


5 Benefits of Exclusive Buyer Representation Agreement from CXRE

Exclusive Buyer Representative Agreement


1. Exclusive Access to our Commercial Real Estate Resources

CXRE brokers are experts in the Houston commercial real estate market. That means we have access to confidential market pricing, lender data, lease terms, and other resources you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, we have compiled years of our own data and formed relationships with thousands of property owners. We’ll leverage all of our data and experience to make sure you get the best deal.

2. Professional Representation

How serious are you about making this deal? Sellers will only chase opportunities and underwrite with counter-parties who they think are serious about closing the deal. With CXRE’s exclusive buyer representation, our real estate professionals will convey your intentions to the seller. We will make sure the seller knows you’re serious about buying their property, and we will work to get the deal done. Our trusted and well-known brokers will therefore ensure sellers are comfortable moving forward and closing your deal.

3. Our Dedicated Staff Finds You Off-Market Deals

Houston commercial real estate We’ll dedicate additional staff to your CRE search, and will personally call owners about potentially available properties. But our hands-on approach also opens up off-market deals that you wouldn’t be able to find yourself. We always give you 100% of our effort, every time.

4. Maximized Savings 

Don’t leave money on the table by skipping out on a buyer representative. CXRE guarantees you’ll make more on the negotiated sales price and terms on your investment property than you’ll pay in commissions. That’s because we know exactly what your new property is worth, and we have access to all the data and resources needed to negotiate the best deal for you. 

5. Seller-Paid Commission

Don’t want to pay someone to help you find your next CRE investment? Want to make the largest returns on your Houston commercial real estate property? We want to help you keep more of your hard-earned cash. Therefore, CXRE always seeks commission from the seller or landlord first. Consequently, you get all of CXRE’s resources, market experience, and negotiation expertise, often without paying commission costs.


Choose CXRE as your exclusive buyer representative to make sure you get the best possible deal on the best properties for your investment goals.

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