Facility Dashboards

Facility Dashboards

Our clients are super smart and it shows. Many of them are thinking more about metrics than ever before. Conversations dealing with topics such as facility KPIs, real-time facility performance and facility analytics happen daily at CXRE. Demo Real-Time Dashboards:

Example Metric DisplayedMetric Type
Work OrderWork Orders Completed Comparison Compare any time period trends to any metrics trends
Conversion FunnelsConversions Funnels for Any Sales or Transition Processes (Taken from CRM, forms or other custom inputs)Compare any time period trends to any metrics trends
Outstanding Work OrdersToday’s Outstanding Work Orders for any time period
# of Facility VisitorsVisitors to Facility for any time period
Tweets About FacilityTweets About Your Facility for any time period
# of Facility InspectionsFacility Inspections for any time period
Safety ScoresFacility Safety Score for any time period (Taken from tablet inspections, forms or other custom inputs)

Let us show you what we can do with the following systems:

  • Facility financial performance (expenses, income)
  • Work Order Tracking
  • Facility Occupancy Tracking
  • Facility website visits/searches for facility address
  • Quality control inspections (Our pros can even perform the inspections for you!)
    • Safety Scoring
    • Hygiene Scoring
    • Health Scoring
    • Occupant Comfort Scoring
    • Facility Appearance Scoring
  • Public Forms
  • Text Messages to set-up Work Orders
  • Tweets from your facility’s Twitter account
  • Just about anything else you can throw at us

Facility Dashboard Metrics

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