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Financial Statement Benefits for Executives

CXRE’s LEED standards applications will provide measurable and verifiable benefits to any facility. By utilizing our system of maintenance & operation, green design initiaives could yield some impressive savings:
40% reduction in office building water use.
30% reduction in energy costs along with reducing the harmful emissions from power generation.
$58 Billion per year in lost sick time saved through improved indoor air quality (IAQ).
Since CXRE’s services are cost-neutral, there is no logicaly business reason not to choose CXRE as your LEED maintenance partner for all your LEED facilities.
Commerical real estate valuations are based on replacement value, market conditions and CAP rates. If your facility has tenants, you most likely utilize CAP rates to value your building when preparing your balance sheet. In 2009, the occupancy of a Class A LEED facility was 4% higher that for Class A non-LEED facilities. As time continues, non-LEED facilities will be need to be converted to LEED inorder to bring in knowledgable tenants. This is because they understand that NNN leases (like most leases are) are more tenant-friendly in LEED facilities because of the 30% energy consumption savings. For this reason, many LEED facility owners realize increased revenues of 10-30% to cover the energy use benefit a tenant has by officing in their LEED building. Your shareholders and partners will appreciate the fact that the expenses have moved from the profit and loss statement and onto a depreciatable portion of the balance sheet.

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