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Across the nation, 35 million residents of multifamily properties contribute $1 trillion annually to the U.S. economy. Not only is Houston one of the country’s largest metros, but it is also a multifamily housing leader. And in August 2018, Houston topped Ten-X’s list of Best Markets To Purchase Multifamily Assets. As Houston multifamily brokers, we know the markets and can help you find the right investments to fit your portfolio.

From Downtown to the outlying suburbs, Houston’s multifamily housing market is healthy and growing.

Experts project that Houston rents will see a slight increase while vacancy will decrease. As a result, Houston is a great place to invest in multifamily properties. Because the Houston multifamily housing market is so strong, investing in these properties is a good idea.

Working with Houston Multifamily Brokers

CXRE can assist with all your needs so you can take advantage of Houston’s growing multifamily market.

CXRE is a Houston-based commercial real estate firm that offers brokerage and management services in Houston’s multifamily housing market. Specifically, we are a leader in doing things right through efficient service and innovative business modeling.

In addition to being premier Houston multifamily brokers, our agents offer a full range of expert commercial real estate services. Because of this, CXRE can help with all your needs. In the end, you can let us do the work while you take advantage of Houston’s growing multifamily market.

As experienced Houston multifamily brokers, we know the local markets and provide top-notch guidance every step of the way. Undoubtedly, we serve various clients including apartment investors brokers and apartment complex brokers. Furthermore, as Houston multifamily specialists, we can also manage your existing multifamily projects.

Houston Multifamily Housing Overview

Without a doubt, homeownership has been on the decline for a few years across the nation. Consequently, more people are renting, which is good news for Houston’s multifamily sector. Also, each year, more and more people relocate to Houston for a number of reasons. In addition, many relocate for employment, but they are also attracted by Houston’s affordability.

Paychecks go further in Houston than in many major metro areas, especially when it comes to housing.

Generally speaking, the average rental rates for multifamily units in Houston are significantly lower than in places like San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC. In order to meet the metro’s growing housing needs, a wave of multifamily developments was delivered across Houston in 2017.

By the end of Q4 2017, the Houston metro area had over 2,700 apartment communities and almost 640,000 apartment units. As of Q1 2018, demand was outpacing deliveries 2 to 1. In the first half of 2018, around 5,200 new multifamily units were completed. What’s more, an additional 13,000 units are in the construction pipeline for the rest of 2018.

Why Invest in Multifamily Housing

As stated above, there are over 35 million people who reside in multifamily housing. As a result, this investment sector can be very profitable for you. Below are some specific reasons to invest in multifamily housing:

  • Firstly, many people aren’t buying homes. For example, millennials tend to choose to rent rather than buy.
  • On top of that, more and more retirees choose to sell their homes and relocate to multifamily units.
  • In general, the cost of constructing new multifamily housing is on the rise. So investing in existing properties is a good move.
  • Lastly, building a solid portfolio is easier with multifamily properties. Instead of investing in 10 separate properties, you can only invest in one multifamily property with 10 units.

CXRE’s Expert Houston Multifamily Brokers

We provide customized plans for multifamily leasing, sales, and property management.

Without a doubt, Houston’s strong multifamily housing market continues to present great investment and leasing opportunities. In order to help you navigate Houston’s multifamily market, CXRE’s expert Houston multifamily brokers offers commercial real estate solutions and services. As a result, we provide customized plans for multifamily leasing, sales, and property management.

Overall, CXRE’s Houston multifamily brokers can meet all your needs. Specifically, we handle owner representation and advisory, multifamily sales, expense management, and reporting, and asset management.

Regardless of your needs, CXRE’s premier Houston multifamily brokers are ready to assist you. Also by working with Houston’s efficient and innovative multifamily specialists, you can take full advantage of Houston’s expanding market.

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