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Investing in a car wash will provide high returns, as it results in return customers.

Everybody likes a clean car, but not everybody has the time or ability to wash their car at home. The car wash provides an easy and accessible way for the public to keep their ride clean and looking sharp.

There are three main styles of car washes: do it yourself, get out and wait, and drive through. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. The “do it yourself” car wash is easy to manage and is cheap to operate because it’s autonomous. However, because the customers do the work themselves, the profit per car wash is relatively low, which creates a need for large amounts of traffic to raise a profit. The “get out and wait” car wash is great for customers who want the best possible clean for their vehicle, as employees take the car through a washing process and hand clean and detail the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

While this means you can charge significantly more per wash, it also means that there are more employees to pay, waiting rooms to be cleaned and stocked, and the customer has to wait longer. However, for those looking to provide the best service, this is the way to go. The “drive through” car wash is the middle ground of the two. The customer is able to stay in their car for the duration of the process, which provides the feeling of a faster car wash, and there are minimal employees on site that need to be paid. Most “drive through” car washes also offer a free vacuum area after the wash so that customers can clean out the inside of their vehicle. The drawback here is the loss of detailing service after the wash.

Whichever of the three you chose, CXRE can provide the fastest service to help you find a car wash in the best area that will yield the highest profit for you.

Regardless of your needs, CXRE’s premier Houston brokers are ready to assist you. Also by working with Houston’s efficient and innovative commercial real estate specialists, you can take full advantage of Houston’s expanding market.

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