Benefits of using T-Mobile

T-Mobile USA said it has increased the speeds of its HSPA+ network to 42Mbps in 55 US markets, taking the fight to other LTE networks. T-Mobile will also release a mobile broadband dongle capable of making use of the increased speeds, the T-Mobile Rocket 3.0. T-Mobile has been in business for a long time. They have a fan base of loyal customers that are content with their service. They may not be the biggest fish in the ocean, but they have still managed to swim quite well amongst the sharks. There is a lot to be said for this type of performance in an industry as dominant as the world of cell phone technology.

Most T-Mobile customers would probably say that customers satisfaction is on the top of their list of things that indicate a good cell phone service provider. T-Mobile is the smallest of the major cell phone carriers, but this puts the company in a unique situation. They have the competitive advantage of being able to serve the customers quickly with short hold times on phone calls.

Customers are also thrilled about the unlimited talk, text, and data for one flat rate. T-Mobile knows that this is great selling point because no one else is doing this. Customers that have reviewed data plans from other carriers are well aware of how great of a deal this is.

The T-Mobile customer base is also built on great phones. Anyone that knows about cell phone carriers is aware each carrier offers a different selection of phones. Vendors like Samsung, for example, manufacturer a smart phone that is available for Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Customers have been very satisfied by the offerings that T-Mobile has presented.

T-Mobile offers a large variety. They offer the Sidekick and this model is not offered anywhere else. They also have the Nokia X2, the Samsung Nexus, and 20 different models of Android phones. This makes them one of the most diverse carriers in the business of cell phone technology.

The best thing, however, may be the upcoming merge with AT&T. This is a huge benefit for T-Mobile customers because it will give them the chance to join a larger network. These customers will still be able to keep their old plans, but they will have access to a lot more towers. This will increase the signal strength for many T-Mobile users that may have service issues.

T-Mobile may be small, but the company packs a powerful punch. They have managed to please their customers and grow as a result of consumer loyalty. They also have great phones and the best smart phone plans for anyone that seeks unlimited features.

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