Create the Perfect Work Day (Here’s Some Tips to Promote an Attitude of Success!)

When it comes to a successful work life (or anything else for that matter!) seeing is believing. If you can believe that you’ll meet deadlines, impress your boss, and altogether blow the socks off of your CEO, then you will.

The problem is, so many people are too busy feeling the stress of their day that they don’t do the mental work it takes to achieve the level of success and accomplishment they so desperately want. Here’s some easy ways to bring more money, fame and power to your work life, today!

Come to the Office With a Runner’s High

Do you start your day stressed out? Already feeling the wrath of deadlines your boss will hound you about before you even have a chance to go through your inbox? The trick to bypassing morning anxiety is coming up with, and committing to a strict morning routine—one that you accomplish before you even get to the office.

Here’s why it works: when you do something that releases tension, gets your heart beat really going, and forces you to focus inwards (instead of stressing about the events of your day that lie ahead), you put yourself in the drivers’ seat.

A morning routine could consist of a healthy, nutritional packed breakfast while reading the latest post from one your favorite bloggers. Follow it up by taking a run in the neighborhood, or make it your mission to head to the gym every morning at 6:45 on the dot!

Whether it’s getting in a ‘downward dog position’, or taking a challenging spin class, you’re mentally setting yourself up for a successful day ahead. Exercise makes people happy—and when you project happiness, you attract success.

Put Yourself on Social Media ‘Time Out’

Do you know your time management ‘pit falls’? Those are the periods of your day that are sucking up valuable pockets of time in which you could be leveraging your ability to move towards a greater level of success. Are you picking up your iPhone and taking a quick peek at the news feed on your Facebook account?  Perhaps you suddenly thought about what to cook for dinner, so you decide to spend some time on Pinterest for ideas.

The only problem is that while your intentions may be good (“I’ll just take a minute away from my work to check my news feed”), the consequences can be more detrimental than you think. Here’s how to kick this bad habit to the curb: put yourself on social media ‘time out’!

Designate only certain times of the day to check your phone for personal tasks, such as a ten minute break in the morning and your lunch hour. What you’ll find is a free flow block of time in the morning (and then again in the afternoon) in which you’re thinking, intellectualizing and conceptualizing at the top of your game—without social media updates to throw you off.

Clear Your Desk and Set the Timer

If you haven’t developed a habit of setting your timer as a method of managing your daily work schedule, now may be the perfect time to start! Giving yourself carved out time for emails, appointments, follow up meetings, report writing, weekly planning and touching base with your staff (or business partners) could save you hours and hours of time in the long run.

Still having trouble focusing, or are you still feeling like you’re wasting valuable time with writer’s block or procrastination? Clear your desk. Give everything—from your stapler to your most important documents—its place. A clear desk promotes a peaceful and productive work day ahead.

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