Google may finally bring chrome to android

The first moment that any Android fan gets their hands on the phone they ask themselves, “Why is Chrome not on this phone?” This has been a nagging question that has had analysts and fans alike curious over Google’s lack of cohesion between their opensource mobile operating system and their ultra-popular web browser, Chrome. After months of Google spokespeople teasing the technology community, it seems as if Chrome may be finding its way into Android phones before the year is out.

Google has been spearheading the world of opensource code for years now, and each of these two platforms are a testament to that. Chrome has Chromium, the opensource project that offers the complete code that runsChrome, to any programmers that would like to take a look at it or even dabble with the code. The same can be said of Android as it was one of the first mobile operating systems that allowed outside programmers to take a look at their code. This recent news comes from Google’s Peter Beverloo as he announced that Google’s code will be partially formatted for use in Android’s WebKit. This means that professional and amateur programmers alike will be able to begin tinkering with what may become the ground work of a mobile Chrome browser.

On top of this, Google’s Android team of developers will also release some of the code that backs their generic mobile web browser. This may seem like only a very slight step in the right direction, because it is. Luckily, due to the zealous programmers that have flocked over to the Android operating system, an entirely new ‘Chrome’ web browser could be available to the Android operating system before the the ball drops this New Years.

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