Building Owners: Make your Existing Building a Smarter Building

How Building Owners Can Get a Smart Building

You already have the building, the killer staff, the tenants, and the profit—but what it is your building investment doing for the environment? Are your windows, insulation and building materials saving costs and enhancing your employees health—or jeopardizing it? LEED buildings are on the rise, and offer profitable results for your commercial real estate investments.

Here’s a few perks: achieve higher productivity, improved health for your employees, and the peace of mind of doing good for the environment, just to name a few. In fact, 88 out of the Fortune 100 Companies are using LEED buildings today.  Join the others, and turn your already existing building into a LEED-certified one—then you could have it all:  a profitable business that is also an environmentally responsible one.  Here’s some more benefits in a snapshot.

A Snapshot of the Benefits

Would you know if the air quality in your building was below your expectation? Probably not. Would you be clued into the various ways—from your windows to your insulation—that you’re wasting dollars each month? Nope, not likely. The benefits of a LEED-certified building is vast, and continues to provide business owners with monetary gain, operational cost savings and improved health on a daily basis. With a LEED building, expect to use less energy, utilize the resources you do have (recycled materials, paper products, etc.) and cut operational costs to a minimum.

LEED Buildings Save You Money

Have you ever thought that going green might allow you to save some ‘green?’

Do you dread taking a glance at your electricity and/or water bill every month? When you take your building to the ‘green side’ and invest in a LEED certified building, you can reduce your utility bills up to 50 percent. With both long term and short-term benefits, a LEED building is the smart choice for the success of your building, your health and your business!

LEED Buildings Lease Faster
Office leasing brokers understand that LEED-certified office buildings lease up faster. That makes commercial real estate investors like you more money over the long-run. Ideally, a LEED-certified office asset will lease up 50% faster.


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