Orbiting hotel ready for guests by 2016

Since the launch of the first private spaceship in 2004, the media has become infatuated with space travel for the private citizen. Companies have been sprouting up all over the world that have begun offering pre-sale tickets for short trips into the sub-orbital atmosphere. The Russian company Orbital Technologies has decided to take this one step further and begin offering 5 day space tourism experiences, and at a decent price.

It was only 6 years ago that the United States and Russian decided to set a $51 million price tag for a few hour trip into space in the Russian Soyuz rocket, and just a few years later Russia has released details for a 5 day trip at a measly $1 million. This most likely is the result of some steep competition that has come to dominate the not yet existent space tourism industry.

Companies such as Virgin have transformed themselves into potential space companies. They have begun developing the infrastructure for a sub-branch titled Virgin Galactic and have now officially been named the private transportation agency for NASA. Other companies have also hopped on board and begun signing up investors and customers for everything from balloon rides into the sub-orbital atmosphere to near weightless experiences in commercial jets.

Orbital technologies has taken all of this technology just one step further. After a 24 hour rocket trip to the space station, up to seven guests will enjoy a private space station getaway for upwards of five days. They will orbit at just over 217 miles from the surface of the earth, offering full panoramic views of the entire planet. For the somewhat affordable price of $1 million, space tourism has taken just another step from science fiction into science fact.

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