Top Android Hacks

Android hacks are easy to find and can add great versatility to your phone, although you’re taking your phone and its warranty into your own hands if you proceed. Nonetheless, here our our four favorite Android hacks.

1. Overclock your Handset
You’re phone needs to be rooted before you do this but it is well worth it if you feel like your phone is a little slow at multi-tasking or running applications. Just like overclocking a PC, there is a risk. The processor inside your Android is designed to operate at a certain speed, and running the chip at a fast pace will add heat and use more power. However, this app allows you to combat these symptoms by underclocking the processor which saves battery power and lengthens the chip’s life.

2. Run Android On An Old iPhone
If you’d like to try out apps that Steve Jobs has decided are unacceptable on an iPhone, you’ll want to use this hack. First, you have to jailbreak your iPhone though. A whole range of devices can be hacked so that they run Google’s operating software, including old netbooks.

3. Change Your Look
Android OS allows for phones that are extremely customizable. Countless apps can replaces Android’s software, such ad Home++ and LauncherPro. However, basic mods like changing the wallpaper can be made animated, and new icons can be downloaded if you don’t like the standard onces included. Tools like Beautiful Widgets have created entire communities based on creating new skins for its software.

4. Play Classic Games
Android’s open approach makes it possible to use emulators. Its market is full of software emulators for classic games. A quick search on AppBrain shows software like GameBoid, Ataroid, and SNesoid available for the Android.

Although this software may not be completely legal, multiple developers continue to create apps to download ROMs (the software required to play classic games). Some developers have gone above and beyond, with one Dell Streak owner figuring out how to attach a NES controller to his device for a true retro gaming experience.

There are countless other Android hacks out there, but these are our top favorite. These four Android hacks will increase the versatility of your phone, making it more powerful, more aesthetically pleasing, and more fun. Most importantly, it will make other Android owners jealous of your phone.

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