Why Evernote is Taking Over the World

Keeping track of great ideas is often a difficult task for the person who is on the go. Inspiration can hit at any time, whether this is in the office, at the beach or while on an airplane. One does not want to lose or forget these great ideas so note taking is a must.The world in which we live in is fast-paced and information comes at us in a wide variety of formats. The old-fashioned notebook to jot ideas in has become extinct. The new method that is revolutionizing the way we track our ideas is through EverNote.

The concept is incredibly simple. Whenever you have an idea or want to remember something, simply jot down a note, take a picture, save a file or clip a website. No matter what type of format the information is in, EverNote is able to keep all the information securely in one convenient program.

When it is time to access the information that is stored on the program, there are several different ways to do this efficiently. One is able to manually tag and catalog all of the notes in the program. Also, EverNote is capable of doing this task for you. It can automatically organize all of the information you store.

Regardless of the platform one is using, EverNote can be accessed. This is easily done through most smart phones. Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Palm and Windows phones are all supported. The program can be accessed online and there are programs that can be downloaded onto the Windows and Mac operating systems.

The program has become wildly popular since it was first released. In less than two years, 1 million users are on EverNote. There are currently over 6 million users and year over year growth is greater than 1500%. With such an amazing product, it is no wonder that it is the preferred program for note taking.



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