Will Amazon Cloud Music Replace iTunes?

Music has become something that we can’t go a day, sometimes a single hour, without. We want our music to be easily accessible, easily organized and available on a single device. The only problem today is that there are so many music services out there and so many music devices, that it’s difficult to decide which one is best for our needs. One of the top competitors for a while now has been iTunes. But recently Amazon’s Cloud Music has emerged as one of the top contenders for musical heavyweight champ.

The Amazon Cloud Player allows users to upload all of their music to Amazon’s servers and play it either from the Web or the Android OS. Users have the option of having either 5 GB for free or 20 GB if they buy an album through Amazon. After that it’s $1 for each GB.

Cloud Music is a lot like iTunes in that you can make playlists and organize your music, the only difference is that with Cloud Music users have the option of playing their music from any compatible computer or Android device. It’s been rumored that both iTunes and Goggle have both been in the works on developing their own cloud-based players, but it seems that Amazon has beat them to it. But it is important to note that Apple owns iTunes just as Google owns Android, so the two companies may put up quite a fight with Amazon when they do release their cloud-based players.

But Amazon Cloud Music isn’t as heavenly as it sounds. One of the major complaints is licensing. Top labels are vying for new licensing arrangements so that they can make more money off of their material, not to mention that Amazon launched Cloud Music without first securing proper licensing permission. Amazon has also been criticized for their bothersome user experience and some users would also enjoy being able to play their music on their iPads and iPhones.

With the ability to play music on devices like iPods, iPads, on our phones and on our computers, it would be nice to instead have all of our music on a single device and have that single device update with all of our current music downloads. It seems as if Amazon Cloud Music will allow us to do this, but not without a few legal bumps that could keep us from enjoying music from our favorite artists. Maybe instead of being able to merge all of our music into one device, the leading music player companies should instead merge into one and make it easier on all of us!

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