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Tenant-Centric Commercial Real Estate Managers

For more than 20 years, CXRE has offered professional commercial property management in the Texas major markets like Houston. Specifically, we provide commercial real estate management services for your commercial office, industrial, retail, and medical office assets. We also offer institutional-grade commercial property management services in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio. We take an approach that is different from other commercial property management companies. Our tenant-centric approach makes CXRE stand out from the competition.

Property Management & Leasing

CXRE provides you with almost every available landlord office leasing and commercial property management service. Regardless of your Houston commercial property portfolio – office buildings, warehouses, or medical office investments – we offer:

  • Financial services (monthly reporting, banking broker trust accounts, expense payments)
  • Facility maintenance & operations
  • Property Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • And more

No matter what types of assets you have, we can handle them. Furthermore, our commercial property management team handles both management and office building leasing. We manage medical facilities and special-purpose assets as well.

Led by this philosophy, we’ve designed tenant-centric services that reduce costly turnover. As a result, we only use tailor-made, big-picture solutions to manage your portfolio of assets. The CXRE team never uses cookie-cutter methods. We have an in-house team of experts (compliance, technical, and engineering experts) who serve your commercial property management needs.

Without a doubt, we want business owners like you to succeed.

The bottom line: Without a doubt, the CXRE team has some of the industry’s most talented individuals. And we work as part of your team to help you keep tenants. In the end, we work for you!


Our 21 years of commercial real estate property management experience helps us delight and retain your tenants – strengthening your asset value.


CXRE provides Texas-wide commercial property management services. Specifically, we manage commercial office buildings, medical office, medical complexes, industrial-flex/warehouse, and coworking office spaces.

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What’s the Difference Between Commercial Property Management Companies?

As a commercial real estate investor, you know that purchasing and managing commercial properties are completely different. After acquiring a property, the real work starts. By hiring a commercial property management company, you can ensure effective communication with tenants. On top of that, you’ll stay compliant with local laws and regulations while protecting your investment.


Over more than 20 years in commercial property management, we developed three pillars that contribute to your success.

Not all commercial property management companies are created equal. CXRE’s property management experts do things differently. During our more than 20 years of managing assets for a range of clients, we’ve established three key pillars for success.

The Three Pillars of CXRE Property Management

These three pillars—deal speed, knowledgeable and capable talent, and tenant-centric operations—set us apart from all the other commercial property management companies.

Each pillar lets us serve you and your tenants in a manner that works for everyone.

Firstly, deal speed allows us to find tenants for you quickly. This means your property won’t sit vacant while you lose income.

Secondly, our knowledgeable and capable team works alongside investors and tenants. We work to ensure compliance, handle financial or legal concerns, and make sure both sides are satisfied.

Finally, our tenant-centric approach helps reduce tenant turnover. In the end, we create a more profitable property for building owners like you.

Together, these three pillars make our commercial building management team a leader unlike any other. Give us a try. We think you’ll agree.

CXRE’s Three Pillars Of Commercial Property Management

At CXRE’s core are three pillars: deal speed, talent, and a tenant-centric mindset. Overall, we believe these three pillars are essential to success in commercial real estate. In fact, we’ve built our entire business on these pillars. Our focus on the best real estate talent and speed of execution set us apart from the rest of the pack.

Our team is always ready to accelerate for you.

Pillar 1 – Deal Speed: Timely Service From CXRE Delivers

Without a doubt, you want a nimble team that focuses on your needs. Since real estate deals are time-sensitive, our team is always ready to accelerate for you. Because we’re positioned to act quickly, we don’t need lots of time to ramp up. As a result, we get deals done quickly. We will eliminate as many delays as possible because our tenant-centric team values your time. Our dedicated staff promptly delivers the highest level of service, every time.

We prioritize you and your time. Therefore, we promise to respond quickly when you need us. You’ll never wait and wonder about the status of a deal, a maintenance need, or your financial reports. Because we understand what you need, we focus on improving your assets with speed and excellence. We get deals done fast.

houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas

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Pillar 2 – Knowledgeable, Capable Talent on Your Team

Business owners and managers recruit knowledgeable, capable talent to their existing teams. In the same way, CXRE’s professional, experienced agents are a welcome addition to your team. We design our services to work with your investment strategies and improve your commercial real estate portfolio. And our agents do these things with the highest levels of quality.

With CXRE on your side, you have knowledgeable, capable advocates
who speak for you.

Moreover, when we negotiate for you, we stay respectfully aggressive. That’s why we do all we can to get the best deals for you. Our talented, tenant-centric team of real estate professionals is also your team. We work for you.

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Pillar 3 – A Tenant-Centric Team That Prioritizes Your Tenants

What does it mean to be tenant-centric? For commercial property management companies like CXRE, it means putting your tenants first. After all, the idea is simple: Dissatisfied tenants leave. And if they leave, it could take you months or years to find new tenants. In the meantime, you lose revenue and your assets suffer and your profits take a nosedive.

According to statistics, commercial real estate profits are tied directly to tenant satisfaction. Without tenants, commercial real estate doesn’t exist, and neither do your investments.

Since turnover is bad for your commercial real estate investments, we focus on the tenants’ concerns. And what do your tenants want? Good communication, great service, and fast, effective fixes for problems. Therefore, we provide the highest quality service for your renters.

Our Tenant-Centric Management Gives A Threefold Win

As partners, we work with you to offer your tenants a world-class experience. This philosophy produces a ‘win-win-win’ scenario—for you, for your tenants, and for us:

  1. You and your family benefit from reliable, long-term income from your commercial real estate investments.
  2. Your tenants get a superior workplace for their team.
  3. Our property management team can focus on tenant satisfaction within the budget.

Because we work for you, we promise to always put your tenants first. By doing so, we develop a plan to increase tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover, and maximize your property. And in the end, we keep your investments doing well and going strong.

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Why Choose CXRE?

Why should you choose CXRE for your commercial property management needs? Because our experience, tenacity, and dedication to your success set us apart from the competition. Finally, a commercial real estate company that understands your needs!

As experts in Houston commercial real estate, the CXRE team offers property management and leasing services. Furthermore, our brokers deliver the things Houston’s top commercial owners care about: deal speed, talent, and a tenant-centric mindset. Without a doubt, we are a welcome addition to any building owner’s team.

We know that when you succeed, we succeed. So, we’ve created a comprehensive approach to tenant-centric services. No matter what types of assets you have, we will manage the daily operation. We are the Houston landlord’s property marketing experts. Whether you own commercial real estate or have extra space to sublease, our team of experts is ready to help.

Commercial Building Management and CXRE

At CXRE, we believe in protecting your assets. And we want to see them working hard for you. In order to establish your property’s maximum income, our management professionals operate on a tenant-centric approach. We know that commercial property management is most successful when new tenants become long-term renters. And we do this by building relationships, prioritizing your tenants’ needs, and personalizing the commercial building management experience.  

Satisfied tenants will provide consistent, long-term income. So your investment is both stable and profitable.

Without a doubt, tenants drive the commercial real estate market. At CXRE, we know that dissatisfied tenants lead to unprofitable investments. With that belief in mind, our real estate professionals work hard to find, retain, and serve all your tenants. After all, when you appreciate your tenants, it shows. In the end, finding the most suitable tenants serves both the renter and you, the investor.

Protecting Your Investments Through Tenant Satisfaction

At CXRE, we believe that finding good tenants and keeping them satisfied is one of the most effective ways to protect your investments. In reality, dissatisfied tenants won’t stay, leaving you with weeks or months of empty space and lost income. However, satisfied tenants continue to provide consistent, long-term income. And when your tenants are satisfied, your investment stays stable and profitable.

Undoubtedly, CXRE is cut from a different cloth than other commercial property management companies. Our team is motivated, experienced, and dedicated to both your success and your tenants’ satisfaction. As a result, our team works hard to quickly find new tenants and effectively manage your assets. Our staff works closely with you and your tenants to ensure everyone’s satisfaction. By keeping everyone happy, we help provide the long-term protection you want for your investments.

Types of Commercial Property 

No matter what types of commercial assets you have in your portfolio, the CXRE team can manage them for you. Whether you own a retail center, office buildings, or multifamily properties, we keep your investments going strong.

CXRE manages all sorts of commercial property—from apartment complexes to massive business centers. With CXRE at the helm, your investments are always in good hands.

Types of Commercial Property Managed by CXRE:

  • Residential property (apartment complexes, multifamily housing, or duplexes)
  • Office buildings 
  • Warehouses
  • Retail centers
  • Hotels
  • Medical buildings
  • Industrial property

But the list doesn’t end there. We manage all types of commercial real estate. On top of that, we have over 20 years of experience. So, you can count on us to find tenants and manage your assets effectively. 

From Individual Property to Large-Scale Retail Complexes

At CXRE, we are dedicated to serving our clients, no matter the size of their real estate investments. Whether you own one duplex or an entire shopping mall, we promise to give you the same quality of service. Every individual client represents an opportunity for us to serve you and your tenants.

As a result, our team of real estate professionals works closely with you to meet all your commercial building management needs:

  • Identifying and purchasing new real estate
  • Property tours for potential tenants
  • Leasing paperwork
  • Overseeing maintenance or construction projects
  • Financial statements and reports for you and your stakeholders
  • Tenant communications

Without a doubt, we strive to take the stress out of real estate investing. From managing your tenants to handling maintenance requests, we do it all.  

Need Property Management? Contact CXRE!

Generally speaking, properly managed assets keep tenants happy. And when your tenants are happy, you enjoy a solid revenue stream. On the other hand, poorly managed properties and dissatisfied tenants hurt your asset’s health. Due to this, every commercial real estate owner needs a qualified, experienced property manager to ensure their investment’s health.

If you currently don’t have a property manager or want improved service for your tenants, CXRE is here to serve you. What’s more, our team of property management experts brings decades of experience to your assets. Because we offer a full range of property management services, we can help you attract tenants and retain your current tenants. Contact our property management experts today to learn more about what we can do for you!

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