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Tenant-Centric Commercial Real Estate Managers

For more than 20 years, CXRE has offered professional commercial property management in the Texas major markets like Houston. Specifically, we provide commercial real estate management services for your commercial office, industrial, retail, and medical office assets. In general, we offer institutional-grade commercial property management services in Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio.

Property Management & Leasing

What’s more, CXRE can provide you with almost every available landlord office leasing and commercial property management service. Regardless of your Houston commercial property portfolio – office buildings, warehouses, or medical office investments – we offer:

  • Financial services (monthly reporting, banking broker trust accounts, expense payments)
  • Facility maintenance & operations
  • Property Management
  • Construction Project Management
  • And more

No matter what types of assets you have, we can handle them. Furthermore, our commercial property management team handles both management and office building leasing. On top of that, we can handle medical facilities and special-purpose assets.

Led by this philosophy, we’ve designed tenant-centric services which reduce costly turnover. As a result, we only use tailor-made, big-picture solutions to manage your portfolio of assets. In addition, the CXRE team never uses cookie-cutter methods. Not only that, but we also have an in-house team of experts (compliance, technical, and engineering experts) who serve your commercial property management needs.

Without a doubt, we want business owners like you to succeed.

The bottom line: Without a doubt, the CXRE team has some of the industry’s most talented individuals. And we work as part of your team to help you keep tenants. In the end, we work for you!


Our 21 years of commercial real estate property management experience helps us delight and retain your tenants – strengthening your asset value.


CXRE provides Texas-wide commercial property management services. Specifically, we manage commercial office buildings, medical office, medical complexes, industrial-flex/warehouse, and coworking office spaces.

Houston | Dallas-Ft. Worth | The Woodlands | Sugar Land | Katy | San Antonio

CXRE’s Three Pillars Of Commercial Property Management

At CXRE’s core are three pillars: deal speed, talent, and a tenant-centric mindset. Overall, we believe these three things are essential to success in commercial real estate. In fact, we’ve built our entire business on these pillars. In addition, our focus on the best real estate talent and speed of execution set us apart from the rest of the pack.

Our team is always ready to accelerate for you.

Pillar 1 – Deal Speed: Timely Service From CXRE Delivers

Without a doubt, you want a nimble team that focuses on your needs. Since real estate deals are time-sensitive, our team is always ready to accelerate for you. Because we’re positioned to act quickly, we don’t need lots of time to ramp up. As a result, we get deals done as quickly as they can be done. What’s more, we eliminate as many delays as possible. Not only that, but our tenant-centric team values your time. As such, our team promptly delivers the highest level of service, every time.

On top of that, we prioritize you and your time. So we promise to respond quickly when you need us. For example, you’ll never wait and wonder about the status of a deal, a maintenance need, or your financial reports. Because we understand what you need, we focus on improving your assets with speed and excellence. The bottom line is that we get deals done fast.

houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas

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Pillar 2 – Knowledgeable, Capable Talent on Your Team

Business owners and managers recruit knowledgeable, capable talent to their existing teams. In the same way, CXRE’s professional, experienced agents are a welcome addition to your team. Furthermore, we design our services to work with your investment strategies and improve your commercial real estate portfolio. And our agents do these things with the highest levels of quality.

With CXRE on your side, you have knowledgeable, capable advocates
who speak for you.

Moreover, when we negotiate for you, we stay respectfully aggressive. Consequently, we do all we can to get the best deals for you. At the end of the day, our talented, tenant-centric team of real estate professionals is also your team. We work for you.

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Pillar 3 – A Tenant-Centric Team That Prioritizes Your Tenants

Being tenant-centric makes sense. What does it mean to be tenant-centric? It means that our team puts your tenants first. After all, the idea is simple: Dissatisfied leave. And if they leave, it could take you months or years to find new tenants. In the meantime, you lose revenue and your assets suffer. In the end, your profits take a nosedive.

According to statistics, commercial real estate profits are tied directly to tenant satisfaction. Without tenants, commercial real estate doesn’t exist, and neither do your investments.

Since turnover is bad for your commercial real estate investments, we focus on the tenants’ concerns. And what do your tenants want? Good communication, great service, and fast, effective fixes for problems.

Our Tenant-Centric Management Gives A Threefold Win

As partners, we work with you to offer your tenants a world-class experience. Not only that, but this philosophy produces a ‘win-win-win’ scenario—for you, for your tenants, and for us:

  1. You and your family benefit from reliable, long-term income from your commercial real estate investments.
  2. Your tenants get a superior workplace for their team.
  3. Our property management team can focus on tenant satisfaction within the budget.

When we work for you, we promise to always put your tenants first. By doing so, we develop a plan to increase tenant satisfaction, reduce turnover, and maximize your property. And in the end, we keep your investments doing well and going strong.

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Texas Commercial Property Management

CXRE is a Houston, Texas Commercial Property Management agency. As such, we serve a variety of landlords and institutional investors. From full-time commercial real estate pros to single property owners, investors of any size benefit from working with CXRE. We offer scalable solutions that can handle any and all of your needs, no matter how great or small.

If you’re searching for your first commercial property, we’ll help you find it. If you have a growing portfolio of properties, we’ll manage it for you. Even if you have a huge portfolio or diverse properties types, we can handle all of your Texas commercial property management needs.

As your full-service Texas commercial property management firm CXRE can turn-key your office investment.


Without a doubt, your tenants are 100% of your asset value.


Additionally, we are some of the best commercial property managers on the planet.

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Specifically, we are aggressive deal-making brokers who put clients first.

Commercial Property Management Services

Undoubtedly, we want to maximize your commercial property portfolio. One way we do this is through our tenant-centric approach. By looking after your tenants, we are also looking after your commercial real estate assets.

Moreover, we are a comprehensive commercial property manager. This means we offer commercial property management services in almost every sector. And we work in multiple markets throughout Texas. Specifically, our team handles office space, medical offices, medical facilities, industrial-flex properties, and even virtual office spaces.

Also, we know that time is important – both yours and your tenants. So we respond as soon as possible to requests and issues. To this end, our commercial property management experts provide a full range of services to satisfy you and your tenants. Below is a list of many of CXRE’s commercial property management services

  • Monthly Financial Reporting
  • Building operations
  • Tenant communications
  • Lease administration
  • Office leasing
  • Build-out management
  • Facility maintenance
  • Stakeholder reporting
  • Financial services (monthly reporting, banking broker trust accounts, expense payments)
  • Facility operations (managing energy use, janitorial services, maintenance)
  • Lease matrices

Throughout the past 20 years of commercial real estate management, we’ve learned how to best handle all types of asset classes. Based on our extensive experience, our property management team will help you keep tenants and strengthen your portfolio.

Office Building Management and Leasing Services

Our team handles both commercial property management and office building leasing. However, we also have experience with special-purpose assets and medical facilities. At the same time, if you purchase a property that needs modifications, we handle build-out construction management. Not only that, but we’re also equipped for building operations and facility maintenance. Likewise, if you’re an active investor who needs to delegate your financials, we can help. We also deal with time-consuming tasks like tenant communication and stakeholder reporting.

Overall, our property management services take the worry and hassle out of owning commercial real estate. If we manage your property, then you’re free to carry on with business as usual. With CXRE, your assets are always in the capable hands of a team that puts your needs first.

Your Dedicated Commercial Property Manager

In a world of volatile financial markets, many investors turn to commercial real estate to make stable investments. On top of that, these investors want a solid return from their assets over the long haul. As a result, people like you take a long view of commercial real estate investment. You invest in commercial properties because you want to leave a legacy for your children and grandchildren. And of course, there are other investors who simply enjoy real estate investment.

Regardless of your commercial real estate investment motivations and goals, we can help you achieve them.

Regardless of your commercial real estate investment motivations and goals, we can help you reach them. As your dedicated Texas commercial property manager, we want to maximize your investments and provide long-term value for you, your family, and the next generation.

No matter what type of investor you are, we first learn about your values and what drives you. After that, we create a comprehensive, customized service plan to manage your assets. Whereas some commercial property managers use a one-size-fits-all approach, we don’t. Our experienced, tenant-centric team delivers a plan to fit your scale and your needs.

Commercial Office Building Management in Texas

As the leader in Texas commercial office building management, we have decades of experience in procuring, leasing, and managing commercial buildings. Due to our proven track record of successful asset management, you can rely on us to deal with the details.

CXRE offers almost every office lease and commercial building management service available, including lease administration, facility operations, financial services, and more. On top of that, we have our own in-house team of compliance, technical, and engineering experts to serve you. Whatever you need for procurement or asset management, without a doubt, CXRE’s got you covered.

To the CXRE team, you’re much more than an investor.

You’re an individual with unique needs. Regardless of your commercial real estate portfolio, we create a customized plan to handle your assets. Whether you own an office complex, a retail center, or another type of property, we can assist you. And because we offer a full scope of services, you never have to worry about details falling through the cracks. From procurement to maintenance, we handle it all.

houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas
houston commercial real estate broker conducting research at laptop; she leases commercial office spaces in Houston Texas

We’ll Show You Your Neighbors’ Lease Activity.

Leasing Below Market?

When you’re confident that your commercial building assets are properly managed, you can rest easy. From the smallest assets to the largest properties, CXRE is the Texas leader in commercial building management. In the end, we always take care of you and your properties.

If you already know your commercial building management needs, we’re ready to be your partner. On the other hand, if you aren’t sure what your next steps are, call us. Contact us today to learn more about our tailor-made services.


Altogether, our goal is to improve your assets with tenant-centric service. We anticipate your needs and complete transactions with the efficiency and effectiveness. So you can get back to business.


We offer a full range of services to meet all your needs. For starters, we handle building operations, tenant communications, lease administration, and office leasing. Moreover, we are a comprehensive commercial property manager. We also handle build-out management, facility maintenance, and stakeholder reporting.



The Main Problem: Multiple Vendors

At one time, Consolidated Communications (NASDAQ: CNSL) was struggling. The company owned several types of properties – offices, training areas, data centers, and mechanical spaces. However, the company had two major issues. The first issue was the diversity of these properties one. On top of that, the company also had issues with scale and distance. The company had 1.2M SF of commercial space in 160 facilities across 50 cities. On top of that, these facilities spread across 250 miles, in both urban and rural facilities.

In light of this, Consolidated struggled to find one single-source commercial property manager to handle everything. Instead, Consolidated Communications’ decision-makers chose multiple local vendors. As a result, this led to headaches and higher costs. Yet, these decision-makers believed they could improve their property management process while adding value for their tenants. But how? They planned to consolidate vendors and services into a single-source manager for all 160 properties.




The Solution: Single-Source, Full-Service Commercial Property Management

In the end, Consolidated Communications chose CXRE’s Omega Group.

CXRE took over services at every property in s single day. As soon as we began providing services, the client’s real estate manager was pleased. In contrast to the previous experience, CXRE’s expert team provided a smooth transition and excellent service.

We saved Consolidated about $360,000 in the first three years.

Specifically, CXRE offered two major benefits. Firstly, we saved Consolidated about $360,000 in the first three years. Secondly, we provided real-time photo inspections. Due to this, the staff didn’t need to physically inspect the 160 properties. In the end, the company also saved many hours or travel and labor.

Expert Commercial Property Management in Texas’ Major Markets

Whether your assets are in Houston, the Dallas–Ft. Worth Metroplex, San Antonio, or elsewhere, Texas’ commercial property management experts at CXRE are ready to help. No matter the scale of your assets, we have scalable commercial property management solutions in Texas markets for everyone. From the new investor who’s exploring the market to the larger investor with multiple properties, CXRE has expert solutions for every portfolio.

Our goal is to help you accomplish your investment goals.

At CXRE, we have a tenant-centric culture. Because of this, we approach deal negotiations aggressively and respectfully. What’s more, we value your time and promise to respond to you quickly. Not only that, but we understand you want long-term value from your investments for you, your family, and even the next generation. As such, we maintain a long-term approach to handling your portfolio of investments.

Furthermore, we want to understand your values and motivations. Why? Knowing more about you boosts the success of your assets. Because of this, you’re more than a number. To us, you’re an individual. Our goal is helping you meet your goals.

Without a doubt, we want business owners and real estate investors like you to succeed. That’s why we focus on tenant-centric services which reduce tenant turnover. Also, we don’t offer one-size-fits-all methods. Instead, we offer customized, big-picture solutions.

To find an investment property, lease your current property, or to learn more about Commercial Property Management in Houston, Contact us today.


Efficiency means doing the right things. CXRE focuses client resources on efficient services.


CXRE is the leader in doing things right. We demonstrate effectiveness in business modeling, reporting, and asset maximization.

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Excellent service is everything. With this in mind, CXRE property managers receive client-service training at AAA Five Diamond resorts.

Houston Commercial Property Management

CXRE’s expert commercial property management team offers a full range of services in all the major Houston markets. Because we value your success, we have tenant-centric services that help reduce tenant turnover. Not only that, but we also and maximize your assets. Through our customized solutions, our talented team delivers high-quality service for you, your assets, and your tenants.

Houston Submarkets:

The Woodlands | Sugar Land | Katy | Spring | Stafford | Humble | Kingwood

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Tenant-Centric Commercial Management

As our client, you’re important to us. Without you, we don’t exist. So when you become our client, your tenants become important to us too. That’s because we have a tenant-centric commercial management model.

Based on our tenant-centric approach to property management, CXRE commercial real estate offers full-service commercial property management in Houston, Texas. Moreover, we operate a commercial office brokerage company.

Undoubtedly, we’re at the top of the industry when it comes to complete property management.

Specifically, we focus on commercial real estate assets over 25,000 SF. This is the largest segment of the office building market. Moreover, most of our clients are Fortune 500 enterprises, the federal government, or wealthy commercial real estate investors.

If you need a long-term property management partner to handle building accounting, maintenance, leasing and entity management, then count on CXRE. We are your ideal Houston office manager.


Without a doubt, your tenants are 100% of your asset value.


Additionally, we are some of the best commercial property managers on the planet.

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Specifically, we are aggressive deal-making brokers who put clients first.

Exceptional Commercial Property Management in Houston

At CXRE, we wholeheartedly believe that execution speed and talent are two of the remaining differences between good property managers and great ones. On top of that, we focus on maximizing your assets and increasing their value.

Every member of our talented CXRE team has a passion to serve.

Not only that, but we believe in building lasting relationships. Consequently, our expert commercial property management team uses a consultative approach to your assets.

  1. First, we evaluate your expenses. Then we tie them back to an income line to weigh its importance.
  2. Second, using the CXRE Metrics Engine, we score, assess, and predict your asset’s maintenance and operations performance.
  3. Finally, if you are a corporate services client (often classified as single-tenant users), we provide full-scale commercial facility maintenance and facility management services.

Our goal is to maximize the short-term or long-term value of your assets.

Our commercial real estate brokerage business, operating as CXRE, focuses on agency representation for commercial office building properties in Houston (also known as owner’s representation). As your representative, we stay respectfully aggressive throughout the process.

Since time is such a valuable commodity, we value yours. Because of this, we focus on deal speed. Whether the answer is yes or no in a deal, we believe speed is one of the best ways to preserve your time.

From an owner’s perspective, we generally acquire, manage, lease, and dispose of large commercial real estate assets. Our goal is to maximize your assets’ short-term or long-term value. Specifically, we determine value through consultative meetings with the owners like you. In the end, we partner with owners on both sides of a transaction to look after everyone’s best interests.


Our 21 years of commercial real estate property management experience helps us delight and retain your tenants – strengthening your asset value.


CXRE provides Texas-wide commercial property management services. Specifically, we manage commercial office buildings, medical office, medical complexes, industrial-flex/warehouse, and coworking office spaces.

We Understand the Houston Real Estate Management Market

We know commercial property management in Houston. As a result, we know that navigating a major commercial market like Houston can be tough. That’s why we offer commercial real estate owners like you a variety of commercial real estate property management services.

Whether you are a building owner, investor, or an office tenant, the CXRE property management team has solutions for you.

Our expert brokers know each submarket inside and out—both medical offices and traditional offices. In light of this, you can trust us to take care of all your office needs for commercial property management in Houston.

The Ultimate Guide to Houston Commercial Property Management


What is a commercial property?

There are many different types of commercial properties. These include office buildings; retail centers and shopping malls; medical buildings; industrial buildings and warehouses; and self-storage facilities. Even though residential buildings such as apartment complexes and condominiums also produce income, they’re generally not included in the field of commercial property management. Mainly because they’re managed and leased differently.


Office buildings primarily hold office space. Typically, various companies and professional organizations occupy these spaces. What’s more, these commercial buildings come in all shapes and sizes. At the same time, office buildings may house several tenants or a single tenant.


A retail building typically has tenants that offer shopping, dining, or recreation. There are several types of retail properties. These include retail strip centers, shopping centers, retail parks, and shopping malls. Due to the extra attention to cleaning and maintenance, these commercial buildings are sometimes hard to manage.


Houston is home to more medical office buildings than any other major city in the United States. Specifically, Houston boasts the Texas Medical Center. This internationally acclaimed medical district has over 60 member institutions. These nonprofit organizations provide health care and research facilities to a large section of the population. Without a doubt, medical offices in Houston are the backbone of these services. In addition, Houston has many other health care centers and medical schools in many different medical offices.


Clients who produce goods require industrial buildings. As a result, manufacturing facilities differ from other commercial properties. Firstly, they need a clear height of at least 14 to 16 feet from floor to ceiling. In some very large properties, this clear height is over 40 feet. Generally, the type of work being performed require high ceilings.


Self-storage facilities and distribution warehouses are an industrial property that’s been prevalent in Houston for a long time. Whether it’s health care, oil and gas, or technology, every industry needs large warehouses to store and transport equipment and goods. Specifically, Houston’s large properties provide warehouses and storage facilities for these industries. Typically, these facilities have loading docks and large doors for moving goods efficiently.

Job functions in commercial property management

Many people assume that commercial property management is the job of one individual (a property manager or office manager). However, it’s impossible for a single person to handle everything. Indeed, it takes many professionals to manage a commercial property.


As the name implies, a leasing agent finds good-quality tenants for a property. Leasing agents examine the businesses and professionals applications’ to judge their economic feasibility. If they’re a good fit, the leasing agent matches their requirements with available building space. Because of this, these agents handle lease agreements with tenants while safeguarding the owner’s financial interests. Since leasing agents perform all these responsibilities, many tenants never actually interact with the property owners or landlord.

So leasing agents have a crucial role in property management, In addition, they simplify a property manager’s work. Although the agent may not be highly visible, their skills and experience help the building owner earn profits. Much of a commercial building’s success rests on the leasing agent. In their role, they increase occupancy and ensure that only reliable tenants occupy the building. In the end, a strong leasing agent prioritizes the owner’s financial interests when creating lease agreements with tenants.


A commercial property manager oversees a building’s day-to-day operations. For example, every building must be kept neat, clean, and well-maintained to stay in top condition for tenants and visitors. Also, an office property manager collects rents from tenants and negotiates leases with them. However, the leasing agent may handle some of these tasks, depending on the owner.

Furthermore, the property manager is the go-to person for all tenant problems within a building. As a result, the property manager is directly above the tenants in the chain of command. And it’s the manager’s responsibility to resolve all issues without bothering the property owner. From marketing, to attracting high-quality tenants, to negotiating leases, to day-to-day operations, a property manager is involved in every step of commercial property management.

Want more information about a career in commercial property management or leasing? Visit our Careers page.


When you think of a building engineer, you may think of someone who helps design or build a structure. However, an engineer also services the property once it’s operational. This makes the engineer an integral part of building management. Typically, they help in the daily maintenance of HVAC systems, lighting, plumbing, and telecommunications systems. Overall, large commercial buildings simply can’t run smoothly without at least one building engineer. In the end, there’s too much to monitor and inspect to ensure everything runs smoothly on a 24/7 basis.

Any interruption in services (communication links or water supply) can create mayhem inside a property. Undoubtedly, it takes years of experience and expertise for a building engineer and their team of electricians, plumbers, and other vendors to ensure smooth and hassle-free amenities. Without a building engineer, a property manager may have difficulty solving issues on the spot. Overall, building engineers are always in high demand by Houston office managers.

How do you find commercial property for lease in Houston?

Finding your own commercial property for lease in Houston is a tough job. Even though there are always commercial properties available, it’s difficult to find the perfect property. What’s more, there are many factors to consider when finding a commercial property for lease in Houston. Firstly, you must choose a suitable location. Next, you should be sure the property provides the amenities and facilities your business needs. Finally, the property should be within your budget. (Tip: Reading the Houston Business Journal’s commercial property articles will help.)

One way to find commercial properties is on commercial real estate websites. Two popular real estate sites for industrialists and businessmen are LoopNet and Commgate, respectively. No matter what size property you need or its location, LoopNet is a one-stop solution. Also, you can easily search available commercial properties both for sale and lease with the site’s various filters.


Another way to find a perfect commercial property in Houston for sale or lease is through a reliable and experienced broker. Many Houston real estate brokers specialize in commercial properties. CXRE has years of experience in the brokerage and sales of commercial properties in the Houston area. In addition, you can save much time and effort by partnering with us. Contact our team of highly experienced, seasoned Houston commercial brokers to learn more.

What are the typical commercial property management fees?

Buying a commercial property for your business and managing the property are two related but different things. For instance, you can find the perfect commercial property in the best location for your business and your customers. But if you don’t have professional property management, difficulties in your day-to-day operations increase and your investment suffers. If you want to succeed, then it’s essential to hire a property management company to upkeep your property.

Obviously, commercial property management services aren’t free. Although different companies charge different fees for their services, fees for a commercial property management company in Houston range from 2% to 20% of your business’s gross income. Yet there are no standard or set fees. On the whole, many factors affect a management company’s fee:

  1. Location
  2. Type and scope of services provided
  3. Condition of the property
  4. Nature of your industry
  5. Experience and reputation of the management company

On paper, spending 2% to 20% of your income for commercial property management looks huge. Yet if you look at the services provided, you’ll see the benefits. By hiring a reliable and experienced property management company, you’re free from worries. No need to worry about cleaning, maintenance, or tenant-related issues of the building. It’s always best to have a detailed contract with the commercial property management company. Also, be sure to refer to the contract if you have any service issues with the company.

Visit Our Commercial Real Estate Investment Section for Investors

What a Houston office manager can do for you

Commercial property management is far more than maintenance. In almost all cases, you buy a commercial property to earn profits. Since commercial property management companies understand, they aim to maximize your income. Cleaning and maintenance are the byproducts of hiring a commercial property management company in Houston or anywhere else. What’s more, the property manager also negotiates leases with your tenants, In the end, they try to maximize your investment and get higher rents from your property.

To provide high-quality services, a commercial property manager needs the right supplies. Some management companies arrange the supplies themselves. At the same time, be ready to provide the supplies your property manager requests. These supplies include the following items.


Tools at inside and outside the property are a basic requirement of property management companies. These tools help maintain different systems–landscaping, plumbing, electrical work, carpentry work, and other works. However, the specific tools depend on your industry and property.


Signs are a requirement of any commercial property management company. Large “For Lease” signs advertise available space in the building. Also, other signage regulates parking, ensures visitors’ safety, prohibits smoking inside the property, guides waste disposal, and informs visitors about office hours.


Typically, leasing requires a lot of paperwork. A commercial property management company needs normal office supplies. But they also need the legal forms for leasing agreements with tenants. The leasing agent or property manager also needs renewal forms, check-in and check-out lists, printouts to welcome new tenants, and a key organizer.

It’s important that the property manager and the owner of the building discuss who’s responsible for supplying these items. Typically, the owner pays for these supplies. However, some property management companies add up all these expenses and add the total to their fee.

Areas of focus in commercial property management

Are you unfamiliar with commercial property management? Are you also interested in hiring a professional property management company? Below is a brief introduction to the key areas.


For investors who buy an income-earning property, marketing is key to improving an investment’s value. Since Houston is a hub of diverse economic activities in Texas, many businesses want space in the market. Companies search for office, retail, medical, or industrial spaces. So, no matter what type of Houston property you own, there will always be businesses to market to.

With that in mind, you must market your property aggressively. Usually, a good commercial management company can quickly and easily market your property. First of all, your Houston commercial property manager will advertise and promote your property creatively. Also, they’ll find quality tenants to lease space in your building.

In general, successful commercial property managers have connections in all industries. This helps them to make sure their clients’ units are rented easily. Additionally, property managers use both online and offline marketing strategies to attract quality tenants.

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Compliance is key to owning and running a commercial property. The city of Houston and its surrounding cities have their own local rules and building codes. And owners must follow these commercial property regulations. Regardless of whether you own a single-tenant or multi-tenant building, violating these rules and codes can lead to serious consequences.

Overall, the professional property management company’s job is keeping an eye on changes in regulations. Also, Houston office managers make sure tenants don’t violate rules and codes. If you try to manage a building yourself, then you may become too busy. As a result, you might overlook violations of codes and rules. On the other hand, a management company focuses on compliance. In the end. your property management company prevents violations that lead to hefty fines.


Too often, owners of commercial properties in Houston pay more property taxes than they should. This is usually due to ignorance about exemptions and abatements. To remedy this, commercial property management companies have experts. These specialists know all the local rules and regulations regarding taxation and exemptions. As a result, these companies save building owners hard-earned money with exemptions. Also, local property managers have established relationships with tax assessors. Rest assured, your property manager will file your taxes, but will also appeal errors in your assessments.

One good quality of an effective property manager is being good with expenses. A property manager keeps an eye on the owner’s income and expenses, and works to reduce them. What’s more, the manager should keep day-to-day and monthly expenses to a minimum to help increase the owner’s profits.


As an owner, you might be surprised at your property manager’s ability to satisfy your tenants. At times, you may wonder how they manage this despite charging higher rents and placing many restrictions on tenants. But the secret often lies in their training and experience in handling various tenants. Specifically, expert property managers know how to find good tenants and negotiate lease agreements. As a result, these managers keep your financial interests in mind by collecting rents from tenants on time.

Top property managers also know how to deal with erring tenants. Skilled managers communicate displeasure tactfully and send written notices as needed. Should an eviction be necessary, your property manager can handle this too and eliminate stress for the owner.


The safety of your building and grounds is crucial in commercial property management. Property managers always carry out routine safety inspections to make sure your property is safe and free of damage. As an owner, you can save a lot of money on undue repairs with the help of regular safety inspections.


Your commercial property manager is a business partner. As such, they handle many responsibilities for you. Specifically, your property manager will prioritize tasks and then execute them on your behalf. From marketing and selecting tenants to negotiating lease agreements, a property manager makes life easy for you.

One thing to remember is that commercial property leases are typically much longer than residential leases. Often, commercial lease agreements have renewals automatic rent increases. You need a professional property manager’s experience and negotiation skills to work with your office leasing agent in handling lease negotiations with your tenants.

Marketing strategies for attracting the best tenants

A property manager’s real work starts far before lease negotiations. Before that point, your property needs creative, aggressive marketing and promotion. A professional property management company in Houston will greatly help you with this. Without a doubt, your property manager will advertise your property, both offline and online. Undoubtedly, commercial property managers spend more time and energy in preparation than once tenants have settled in.

One responsibility that’s easy to overlook is financial record-keeping. Because this person is responsible for maximizing your profits, budgeting is integral to a commercial property manager’s duties. As such, they maintain accurate financial records to keep you aware of income and expenses. The manager also pays mortgage payments, taxes, and insurance premiums on time.

Tip: The Wall Street Journal maintains a good section for commercial real estate investors.

A good property manager always keeps the owner in the loop

Property managers must send regular reports to the property owner. These reports include details on occupancy, rent collection, and all the expenses incurred on property maintenance. In regular meetings with the landlord, the property manager also discusses the property’s performance and ways to improve.

Overall, a reliable and experienced property manager is an asset to a commercial property. Yes, they charge a fee for their services. However, they deliver so much that you can consider them a priceless partner.

If you’re currently too busy to look after your commercial property in Houston, hire a local, experienced property management company like CXRE.

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Altogether, our goal is improving your assets with our tenant-centric service. Also, we anticipate your needs and complete transactions with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness. So you can get tenants back to business.


We offer a full range of services to meet all your needs. We handle building operations, tenant communications, lease administration, and office leasing. Moreover, as a comprehensive commercial property manager, we also handle build-out management, facility maintenance, and stakeholder reporting.

Common Problems with Commercial Property Management Companies

When a business owner or commercial real estate investor hires a property management company, they never know what type of service they’ll get. At least not immediately. There are excellent companies with exceptional staff. And there are also companies which provide very poor service. Because of this, you should be aware of the following hidden issues when choosing a management company.

  • Financial Reporting – within some management companies, financial reporting isn’t consistent. Also, the quality of financial reporting varies from company to company.
  • Constantly Moving Staff – A management company may frequently move staff from projects project. This could be due to shady payroll practices.
  • Inaccurate Budgeting – Sometimes budgeting issues are due to incompetence. Yet some management companies purposefully doctor monthly budgets to match their spending.
  • Focusing on Too Many Properties – You want a management company that’s dedicated to you and your assets. However, some managers spread their attention too thin. Some even divide their time between your assets and your competitors’ assets.

To avoid these and other problems in Houston commercial property management, choose CXRE. We offer a full range of property management solutions in Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and San Antonio. Regardless of where your Texas assets are, CXRE can handle your commercial properties.

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