3 Ways That Journalists Use Google+

Google+ is definitely the new kid on the block. And the kid that everyone wants to be friends with. As the success of Google+ (still in beta phase) skyrockets, creative professionals are discovering new ways to utilize this incredible tool.

Journalists, especially, have found Google+ to be an incredible asset to their writing careers. There are numerous ways that Google+ can be beneficial to a journalist, whether they are successful or aspiring.

– Connecting with others –
Due to the nature of their work, journalists must connect and interact with other people 24/7. Whether they are following leads for news stories and interviewing various people, or networking with other journalists to stay on top of the market, journalists need to be able to talk. Google+ makes it easy to connect with new contacts, or re-connect in existing relationships. Plus, the “Circles” feature allows for easy sorting and distinction between different friends or business contacts.

– Discussion –
Many times, journalists need to take quick polls and gather opinions from a wide audience. Google+ makes discussion easy. Comment threads are easy to follow, and it’s easy to hop in on a conversation.

– Sharing work –
Journalists write almost all the time. This means that they always have LOTS of writing to share, and Google+ makes that simple. Google+ allows a user to share something with specific circles, or the entire web. Journalists find it easier than ever to get their work “out there” because of Google+.

As Google+ continues to grow, there’s no knowing what new uses will be discovered. Either way, it’s already proving to be an incredible tool for not only journalists, but all types of creative professionals.

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