5 Myths Debunked About Houston Real Estate and Going Green

5 Myths Debunked About Houston Real Estate and ‘Going Green’

Houston is a booming city, from the nightlife to the art museums. But did you know it’s also green-friendly? This year, stick to your New Year’s resolutions to conserve and live conscientiously by taking your home to the ‘green’ side! We’ve debunked the five myths about eco-friendly homes in the metropolis, as well as some tips for making yours sustainable and beautiful.

Myth #1: Green Homes Aren’t a ‘Texas Thing’

Aren’t environmentally responsible homes a California thing? The truth is, water and energy waste is so 2014. Today, home owners are becoming more aware than ever of the paper, heat and energy they are over-consuming and just how much a green home can ultimately save them.

Do you think that eco-friendly homes still don’t have a place in the Houston market?

Think again, because the proof is in the puddin’: while California may take the lead with environmental awareness acts, it’s Texas that has three times the amount of energy certified homes than the progressive state.

Myth #2: Going Green Takes Too Much Effort and Time  

Just because you want to create a more environmentally responsible home, doesn’t mean it has to cost you an arm and a leg. Start small by conserving the energy you use on major appliances such as your washer and dryer. A clothes line is the perfect way to dry your clothes, and saves both the wear and tear on your dryer, as well as your electricity bill. You don’t have to purchase a new refrigerator just because you want to conserve. Take baby steps by readjusting your freezer thermostat to 5 degrees, and check that your freezer and refrigerator door close securely.

Myth #3: If My Home Isn’t Broke, I Don’t Need to Fix It

Many people don’t even want to think about fixing something that seems fine just the way it is. Why fix what’s not broken? Eco-friendly homes offer many advantages to home seekers looking to purchase a home that is more sustainable and responsible, or eager to make their existing home more ‘budget friendly.’ Green homes that use wind or solar energy cause very little pollutants (if any at all). Reduce high electricity and energy costs with a green home while improving the most important variable of all—your sense of pride.

Myth #4: Green Homes Look Strange

You don’t have to add on a greenhouse or solar panels to make your house ‘green.’ Many houses are eco-friendly without anyone catching on that it is ‘green.’ By installing sustainable flooring (such as bamboo) to replace your carpet, LED lighting and low pressure plumbing fixtures, you can ‘go green’ easily and increase the value of your home. No one will know the difference, but your home will look more beautiful than ever!

Myth #5: Eco-Friendly Houston Homes Require Expensive Material

Perhaps the most baffling myth of all is the idea that green homes are more expensive to develop than traditional homes. The opposite may be true, since green material is sustainable, and holds up well over time. Bamboo, granite and recycled glass (a gorgeous countertop add-on) are easy ways to create a beautiful, responsible home of your dreams. While some building materials may be more expensive than the alternative, you will ultimately save money from energy costs.

Perhaps the biggest payoff of all is living in a home in which you will be healthier and happier. A high quality of life and an increase is market value are some of the many benefits of a green home. The heathier your home, the happier the environment will be!


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