Do Green Office Building Practices Really Save Managers Money?

There’s no doubt that green office building practices are better for the environment and commercial property managers should be used these practices. Lowering your energy consumption and protecting our water reserves are important concerns in Texas. Even with this knowledge, though, some property managers and building owners hesitate using green building practices because they’re not sure they’re worth the investment. Despite the higher initial investment, green office building does save money over time.

1. Reduced energy costs. Green office buildings are better insulated, so they are more energy efficient.  Leaky ductwork, old window panes, and poorly working heating and cooling systems force your office buildings to consume more energy than you need. In fact, one study found that sustainable energy can bring a 10% return on the initial investment through energy cost savings. Your office building investors will love that.

2. Lower absenteeism. A green office building is a healthier building. Features like natural lighting boost tenant morale and reduce eyestrain. Better insulation creates a quieter workspace. Better air quality reduces the amount of mold and allergens in the air. When your employees feel better, they are less likely to use sick days. This boosts your tenant’s bottom line.

3. Longer lasting office building. Green buildings are designed for your environment. Local materials are already adapted to your climate. They are less likely to deteriorate over time, so you save money by not making repairs cause by an inhospitable climate. Using local materials contributes to a sustainable community by boosting your local economy. Your building owner certainly benefits from that.

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