I Know Who is Getting Google Fiber

Ok, so I don’t know for sure, but I have a suspicion. Google recently launched their local business enhancements for San Jose, California and Houston, Texas. Perhaps this gives us some hints about Google’s view of their most progressive and highest-margin markets.

First, let’s talk about what is known. Google plans to start-up its own ISP in at least one test market. The market will showcase Gigabit level speeds for a small sample area of users.

Austin, Texas – Why not build it for Austin, Texas (aka the other Silicon Valley)? Google has supposedly soured on Austin because of the situation with the office they closed and quickly shuttered.

Why Houston, Texas? Houston has a large amount of excess inter-city wind-powered (Green-E)electricity capacity (at the zip code level), plenty of dark fiber and shovel-ready sites located in easy tech access areas. In addition, if you assume Houston is one of their highest margin cities, they would want those users to increase their speeds (and searches) first.

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