Power Down for Eco Savings

The use and incorporation of sustainable energy is a big priority for many Texas businesses.  Companies all over the DFW area and other big cities like Austin are struggling to put forth their best efforts in creating green buildings.  These are important steps, but many times the big things overshadow the simple steps we can take to conserve energy around the office.Forgetting to turn off the lights is something very few people would do, but leaving the room with residual energy running through computer systems happens all the time in homes and business, big or small.  This results in vast amounts of useless energy being spent for nothing.  Simply turning off your computer is not enough; so long as it is still plugged in to a power source that is not turned off, that computer is still drawing power.All it takes to stop the flow of wasted energy and turn your structure into a green building is a simple gadget found at any local hardware store—the power strip.  Most computers are plugged into a power strip as a normal part of their installation so that a power outage doesn’t destroy delicate hard drives, but rarely are those power strips turned off at the end of the day.  Flipping the switch on that little energy saving device stops the flow of electricity to the computer or any other electrical device when it is not in use.Common office equipment often left plugged in to an active outlet when not in use include:

  • Computer monitors and CPUs
  • External hard drives
  • Calculators
  • Fax machines
  • Printers

Turning these devices off only takes a moment, but can give years back to the planet while putting dollars back on your bottom line.

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