Take Your Building to the Green Side - The Property Manager's Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Property Managers – It’s Time For Your Office Building to Get Green

You spend the majority of your life working. As much as you may not want to admit it, your workplace is your ‘home away from home’—it’s where you create, lead, and nurture that side of you that strives to professionally be your best. But even if your office building is in the best shape it’s been in years, 2015 is all about taking it up a notch. Learn how to conserve your resources, be kinder to the environment and save money in the process! It’ll be a win/win for you, your business and the world at large.

Offer Incentive Programs For Waste Reduction

Have you tried the ‘shutter exercise?’ Here’s how it works: when thinking about much paper waste your tenants go through in a given week, does the amount of paper, styrofoam cups and plastic thrown away make you shutter with guilt? If so, it may be time to take your business over to the ‘green side.’

Encourage Trips to the Water Cooler (With Your Reusable Cup)

It’s easy to take small daily indulgences for granted. If you supply your staff with reusable cups for the water cooler and silverware in the lunch room for them to use at their own accord, you can become a leader for kinder, more responsible living. Offer an incentive program for employees who conserve the amount of printer paper they use, and encourage commuter mugs for their coffee.

Is it tough to get everyone on board?

While some people may resist change at first, an incentive to ‘go green’ with a few additional hours of paid time off per month, or a happy hour (on you!) at the end of the month will ease the transition. Once you implement an incentive program, a conservation mindset will become like second nature to your staff. They might even wonder what took them so long to get there.

Tell Them to ‘Wear Green’ (and Increase Their Education and Awareness)

Making the transition from over-consumption to conservation isn’t always an easy one. The more employees you manage, the more challenging it can be to get your team to make the switch. Email your employees requesting a mandatory meeting for the next day. Tell them to ‘wear something green.’

It will spark their interest and when they arrive to the meeting in green shirts and ties, they’ll already be part of the ‘conservation mindset’ (even if they don’t know it yet!) Then, lead a brainstorming session on ways they can reuse and recycle at work. Value their input, let them know how much you appreciate their effort and hold them accountable!

Forget the ‘sunny side of the street,’ because ‘going green’ is where workplace success really is! Kickstart a motivational mindset with small incentives, encourage the elimination of waste with recyclable cups and hold informational meetings about conservation. Contribute your part to the environment and save the building owner money in the process!

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