What is the TXMAS Schedule and Who Uses It?

As revenue has declined for many localities, states are trying to find more creative means of saving money. In the State of Texas, the Department of Procurement and Support Services has created an alternative purchasing method known as TXMAS. The Texas Multiple Award Schedule, as it’s officially known, is the result of contracts awarded by the federal government or governments of other states.

TXMAS works in conjunction with the General Services Administration, or GSA, in awarding contracts that take advantage of competitive procurement procedures for many commodities and services. The goal of GSA contracts is to reflect prices considered to be MFC, or Most Favored Customer prices as well as the maximum price that’s allowed. The TXMAS contracts are able to take advantage of MFC pricing while sometimes allowing local governments or agencies the ability to negotiate for a lower price on goods and services offered on the schedule contract. When this is done, what’s known as a “best value” purchase can be made using TXMAS purchasing guidelines.

The number of Texas agencies authorized to use TXMAS is quite extensive. From local court systems to social service agencies and schools, the goal of TXMAS is to provide opportunities for agencies across the state to save money on their purchases. One of the major areas where TXMAS is being used extensively is in facility maintenance. From the Office of the Governor on down, TXMAS contracts are being used to save costs each year on converting buildings to become more energy-efficient and cheaper to operate. 

Agencies throughout the state have authorization to use TXMAS and its purchasing guidelines. Local school systems, colleges and correctional facilities are using these guidelines when needing to purchase goods or services including maintenance or overhauling building systems. Maintenance costs are becoming bigger parts of government budgets, forcing agencies to come up with ways to cut costs while providing better services. Maintenance services are among the types of goods and services that are often negotiated extensively for lower prices, helping local governments ensure they have the best possible price and the best possible company for the job. 

Vendors who are interested in setting up an TXMAS contract can do so by having a current GSA Federal Supply Service Contract and contacting the state Department of Procurement and Support Services for an application packet. By working together with TXMAS, agencies and contractors can form beneficial relationships with one another.
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