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If you spend your days zipping around the world, then you do not have time to worry about catching up with your paper bank statements. Do you even know where those are sent? I didn’t think so! Today, thanks to the Internet, smart phones, and advances in online banking information, you can stop those paper statements, and start using to keep track of your finances.

You may be scoffing right now that you do not have to worry about money, but if you overdraw your checking account, spend money on your credit card in too many states in a day or do one of the other things that are normal for you, but could also mean that someone has stolen your banking information, you could find yourself embarrassed when you go to pay for your next group lunch at Cipriani’s in New York City or pair of earrings at Fred Leighton. Connecting up your financial information with, so you can stay ahead of these sorts of humiliating mishaps can keep you on top of your game. also allows you to track your long term investments. This means that if you enjoy day trading, then you can use’s unique and easy to use interface to keep track of your account activity on a daily basis. Even if your accounts are held through different brokerages, you can still press just a few buttons to see all of your investments on the same page. Enjoy greater returns on your investments, now that you can use to see information faster and more easily, without waiting to call your broker or relying on someone else to make these decisions for you. This way you can stay on the cutting edge of finance.

As you zip across the country, or the world, makes it easy to use your Blackberry, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or another smart phone or laptop computer to log on from anywhere to see what is going on with your money. If your credit card gets stolen while you are enjoying a spa weekend with friends in the wine country of Sonoma, California, then you can find out about the unusual charges before you board your flight back to New York City. Canceling the card as soon as possible means reducing your worries, and leaving you free to moving on to planning your next vacation, making reservations for dinner or catching up with friends.

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