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There are many reasons to clean office buildings green. Aside from the environmental and health advantages, green cleaning, like sustainable building and the use of sustainable products, is a socially responsible business practice.

The U.S. Green Building Council developed its benchmark third party Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating and certification system more than 10 years ago. The program, like the green movement, has undergone many revisions since its forward thinking founders released the initial version of LEED NC (New Construction).

In response to feedback from concerned LEED certified building owners, the USGBC developed standards to maintain existing LEED certified buildings. Prior to implementation of its LEED EB (Existing Building) standards, green building owners came to realize that their investments in green building were being tarnished by the lack of ongoing standards.

LEED EB works! With the same vigor and foresight that created the LEED NC standards, guidelines for responsible property maintenance and cleaning were developed. The purpose of these guidelines is to create a healthy work environment, preserve the integrity of the LEED certified building and improve the work experience of building occupants. Your office building broker can tell you more about these increased benefits.

An additional benefit emerged as existing buildings that were not LEED certified decided to apply for LEED EB certification. Many of these applications were from commercial property investors and commercial property managers who were concerned with the environmental and health quality of their buildings. Others were motivated by the request of tenants and prospective tenants to green their buildings.

The numbers are in on LEED EB maintenance and cleaning guidelines. The numbers offer compelling evidence that LEED EB policies not only combat the “sick building syndrome” but that they also promote a more productive work environment, as sick days reduce noticeably. Tenants have taken note. LEED EB certified buildings have higher occupancy rates and fewer turnovers than non-certified buildings. That is just one more reason to apply for LEED EB certification for your commercial office asset.

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