Green Building by the Numbers

If you’re still debating whether or not to go green, stop and take a look at the facts about green building. It is more than just a trendy idea. Green building is simply better for everyone because it helps us conserve energy and protect our natural resources. Consider these numbers:

·         18% of U.S. electricity consumption is used to run air conditioners. Sealing leaks in your building and using better insulation in your building can lower you the amount of energy you use and save money.

·         30% of our energy consumption is used to heat water. Switching to a solar water heater reduces this to 0. You will still have hot water to use, but it will be supplied by a completely renewable energy source.

·         61% of the solid waste in this country ends up in landfills. Trash in landfills can last completely intact for many years. You should recycle and give away items you no longer need to keep them out of the landfill. Many green building materials can be made from recycled materials.

·         20% of all employees in the U.S. have allergies, asthma, or autoimmune diseases related to indoor air pollution. This leads to an 18% decrease in annual production for businesses. Improving indoor air quality through green building practices can boost productivity and cut down on employee sick days.

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