Green Symposium in Houston

The Gulf Coast Green 2009 Symposium is a free-to-the public, two-day conference from April 16 – April 17, 2009 at Houston’s Reliant Park.  The Gulf Coast Green Symposium is followed by another two-day, free-to-the-public Houston Green Expo at the same location.Both events feature speakers, exhibitors and vendors on all topics green.  Featured presentation include:•    Reducing the Region’s Footprint•    Alternative Technologies•    Smart Planning for Inevitable Growth•    Implementing Breakthrough SolutionsIn addition to community and commercial green topics, many green homeowners’ issues will be addressed.  The Houston Green Expo is the largest green product expo presented by the city each year.  Many educational seminars will be presented, so if you have an idea or are seeking green conservation ideas, pack up the kids and stop by the expo this weekend.The City of Houston has commenced many Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®®) initiatives.  As the private sector enters the green movement and especially the green construction movement, homeowners, communities, property developers and managers are encouraged to attend the symposium and expo to stay abreast of green industry trends.Pre-registration is not required at either event.  Walk-in traffic is most welcome.  As LEED’s ® Emerging Green Building program is geared for young green entrepreneurs, all children and young adults are encouraged to participate.LEED®® is committed to responsible environmental and social conduct.  The LEED®® rating system is a third party evaluation program that results in four levels or certification.  Environmental initiatives are awarded points based on a merit system.  The point total determines the project’s rating.  While many new construction projects are committed to the LEED®® certification, there is a need to bring existing properties up to standard.Events like the Reliant Park events help to educate the builders, planners and consumers about green topic and products. The LEED®® rating and certification programs give us all a path to environmental change.  Now, we just have to make it happen.

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