Horizon Wind Energy Downtown Houston, Texas

Choosing to operate a business devoted to wind energy production out of aged and fuel-ineffective building just didn’t make any sense to the owners of Horizon Wind Energy.  Recent green building renovations now make Horizon Wind Energy the first certified LEED building in downtown Houston.The building, originally built in 1927, is situated centrally and amenable to public transit modes.  It is surrounded by a plethora of complimentary businesses that supply the lunchtime, pre- and post-work shopping needs of its employees.  The building offers only half the number of parking spots compared to the number of employees.  The company encourages carpooling, cycling to work and public transit options.  The parking lot securely stores bicycles and provides shower and change rooms to employees who choose to cycle to work.Water conservation is supported by the switch to motion-sensor bathroom taps, low-flow toilets, volume options for water flushing and tap aerators on shower nozzles and faucets.  These simple changes reduce water consumption by approximately 42 percent.Energy is saved by using compact fluorescent light bulbs. A daylight and darkness sensor built into the base of the bulb turns lights off automatically at the end of the day and on when darkness settles without the need for any other special equipment. Appliances are manufactured by Energy Star and use Green-e renewable energy credits to assist with the cost of converting traditional power to wind-generated sources.During the transition to greener building practices, 69 percent of the construction-generated materials were reused.  The original marble flooring was removed and used to refurbish reception area furniture, counter tops and wall supports. During construction, ventilation prevented workers and employees from becoming exposed to particulate matter and contaminants from out-dated or unsafe materials. In addition, two-thirds of the new materials were manufactured locally and one hundred percent of electricity is currently taken from sustainable sources.

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