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In these pages, we have compiled some of the most useful commercial real estate insights across several sectors. Our team of commercial brokerage experts offers insights into CRE news, regional economics, legal strategy, tax strategy, and commercial property operational strategy. Throughout these posts, you’ll find valuable information regardless of your role in commercial real estate. Whether you’re a building owner, investor, broker, or a tenant of Texas commercial real estate, you can benefit from these commercial real estate insights.

The Latest Insights

Below are some of CXRE’s latest commercial real estate Insights.

Automation graphic

5 Reasons You Need a Building Automation System

For investors, property managers, and building operations staff, real estate technology tools can be extremely helpful. One such tool, building automation systems, not only make life easier for commercial property
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Where Investors Can Find Commercial Real Estate Listings

If you’re a real estate investor, you’re likely looking for profitable CRE properties for sale. There are many commercial real estate listings platforms across all asset types, so discovering the
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Opportunity Zone tax changes

Opportunity Zones Changes Benefiting Investors Amid COVID-19

IRS Provides Relief for Opportunity Zone Investors in Light of COVID-19 Pandemic In guidance released in June, the IRS relaxes certain regulations surrounding Qualified Opportunity Zone (QOZ) investments and Qualified
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CRE Opportunities during the pandemic

Commercial Real Estate & Pandemic: What the Future Holds

The Coronavirus pandemic is an unprecedented event in our history. For commercial real estate investors, property owners, and property managers, the virus represents significant and unique challenges. Here, we are
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DAPT image_hand with dominos

Nevada Asset Protection Trust (DAPT) for Texas Commercial Real Estate Investors

Commercial real estate investors, even those with properties in Houston, Texas, may be able to use a Nevada Domestic Asset Protection Trust (DAPT) for advanced asset protection when forming LLCs
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RV Park sales


While the coronavirus pandemic has negatively impacted many industries throughout the country, the economic shift caused by the pandemic has actually sparked a large boom in the RV industry. Travelers
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3033 Chimney Rock Houston exterior

CXRE Takes Over Management of 3033 Chimney Rock Office Building in Houston

CXRE is proud to take over commercial property management of 3033 Chimney Rock, a Class B commercial office building located just 10 minutes from downtown Houston. The property features a
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4800 Sugar Grove

CXRE Now Managing 4800 Sugar Grove Offices in Houston

CXRE is proud to take over commercial property management of 4800 Sugar Grove Blvd. This Class B office building is located near the heart of Houston in Sugar Land. This
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Boxes and commercial warehouse

Investing in the Commercial Industrial Warehouse Market

Currently, retail giant Amazon has fulfillment centers in 38 of the 50 US states, with more than 75 fulfillment centers throughout North America. With its network of fulfillment and distribution
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Umbrella_Asset protection for commercial real estate

The Ultimate Asset Protection Planning Guide for Commercial Real Estate Investors – Updated for November 2019

Disclaimer: This guide provides educational and general principles about asset protection for commercial real estate.  It in no way represents a proposal, legal advice, or specific recommendations as to any
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Storage unit investment

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Texas Storage Unit Development

In 1964, Russ Williams and his stepson Bob Munn built the first self-storage facility with garage-style doors in Odessa, Texas. Over the years, self-storage facilities have cropped up all over
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10 Steps to an Effective CRE Office Building Budget - Template Included

10 Steps to an Effective CRE Office Building Budget – Template Included

Property managers wear many hats. Part of your job is being the "face" of the property: the one who finds tenants, markets the property, and ensures a successful business. You
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Regardless of role or your level of commercial real estate experience, CXRE offers Insights for everyone. Do you want to learn more about real estate investing? On the other hand, are you a seasoned investor searching for new opportunities? Are you curious about Houston’s Opportunity Zones? Want to stay on top of the happenings in and around Houston? Are you a seasoned pro who wants tips to hone your skills and improve your commercial real estate game? Contrarily, are you a new agent who needs resources to establish your commercial real estate career? In order to assist you, we offer these Insights.

To learn more, please reach out to our team of experts. Without a doubt, we welcome your questions and comments. By all means, let us know how we can serve you!

The Value of Accurate CRE Information

Firstly, as commercial real estate professionals, we understand the value and importance of accurate commercial real estate insights. In fact, we know that having the right info can mean the difference between seizing the day and missing an opportunity. For example, tax regulations which affect commercial real estate change periodically. Due to this, we want our clients to know how those may affect them and their assets. What’s more, new commercial development is constant, especially in Houston, one of America’s fastest-growing metropolitan areas.

We do our best to keep you informed on current issues and events.

On top of that, we want all of our clients to make the best decisions possible regarding their current and potential assets. Consequently, we constantly search for the most up-to-date topics to keep you informed. Also, in our Insights, you can learn about a number of pertinent topics. Overall, from market activity to commercial real estate trends to practical information to help you become better at what you do, we provide all sorts of resources. No matter what your specific role might be, our commercial real estate insights keep you in-the-know.

The CXRE Advantage

deal speed, talent, and tenant-centricity Why choose CXRE? We believe that only three things matter in commercial real estate. Firstly, we prioritize deal speed and talent. In the commercial brokerage industry, our execution speed and talent are the two main things that make us different from other firms.

On top of that, our team focuses on tenant-centricity. As a result, our tenant-centric mindset is the third cornerstone of our firm. Without a doubt, the commercial real estate investment industry wouldn’t exist without tenants. To this end, every member of our team works hard to provide a world-class tenant-centric experience which is a win-win for everyone involved.

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