3 Reasons You Should Use Sustainable Local Building Materials

How much do you think about where your building materials come from? You may just assume they’re from your local lumberyard or concrete supplier. Yet, building materials can actually come from just about anywhere in the world, which can have a major effect on the environment. This is why it is important to use sustainable, local building materials in your next construction project.

1.     Longer lasting products. Since they are located here, local materials are automatically a sustainable product that have already adapted to our environment. Think about the blazing heat during the Texas summer. Our local materials are used to the heat and are less likely to crack under the pressure than products shipped in from cooler regions.

2.     Lower transportation costs. When you purchase materials from another state or even another country, it has to get here somehow. This costs more money for fuel. These transported items can also easily be delayed in the harvesting or shipping process. When you build with local materials, you reduce energy consumption and lower your chance of delays waiting for supplies.

3.     Improves the local economy. The lumber you buy from a local lumber yard represents several jobs, from the person who owns the trees to the one who sold it to you. When you buy locally, you boost our economy, and help ensure jobs and money for your own community. Preserving our quality of life is an important benefit of sustainable materials.

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