5 Steps To Assist Your Green Cleaning Initiative

The biggest short-term beneficiaries of LEED certified green cleaning procedures are the building occupants and cleaning staff. The biggest long-term beneficiaries of green cleaning are all the future generations who shall inherit the earth.As the biggest short-term beneficiaries and as the parents and grandparents of children who will reap long-term benefits, today’s building occupants should welcome green cleaning initiatives. The riddance of the Sick Building Syndrome, the addition of unpolluted air and the increased occupant health should inspire anyone to pitch in and do their part. Here are five common sense strategies to help advance your building’s green cleaning program.Recycle – set up bins for paper products including, copy paper, envelopes, magazines. Collect cardboard boxes, soda cans, plastic bottles, aluminum foil, plastic bags and ink cartridges.Control the Printer – try not to print in color, use printers that permit double-sided copying, print in draft mode, use old paper and be sure to recycle ink and toner cartridges.Indoor air quality – Use non-toxic cleaning products, open windows to increase airflow, do not permit smoking, do not permit the use of aerosols, and use air purifiers to clear contaminants.Start at Home – reduce the use of vehicles as transport by sharing rides, using public transport, cycling, walking or jogging to work, invest in fuel-efficient autos or working at home whenever possible.Think Green, Be Green – Plant you interior and encourage others to buy a plant and keep it in your work area. Let the plants do their things, like absorbing indoor air pollution and increasing the flow of oxygen.Implement these common sense concepts, get other workers top contribute and then spread the word. Encourage whole-building applications of these programs and encourage building maintenance and cleaning personnel to make other recommendations. With green programs, the team approach is always the best approach.

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