5 Ways to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution In Your LEED Facility

Most Americans spend close to 90% of their time each day inside. This is why you need to consider indoor air quality if you want a green building. 
Indoor air can be more polluted than outdoor air and can contribute to illnesses. Here are a few ways to reduce indoor air pollution.  

–   Your green building needs some green plants. NASA found that certain plants reduce the amount of toxins in the air. English ivy, peace lily, and mother-in-law tongue plants are all in their list of the top 10 most effective plants.

–   Open your doors and windows. Most heating and cooling units just circulate the same air throughout your building. Opening your doors and windows occasionally lets fresh air inside and forces the stale air out.

    Change your air cleaners. Your air cleaner’s job is to collect pollutants from indoor air. This keeps them from entering your building again through your heating and cooling systems. The filter won’t work as well when it’s clogged.

   Switch to green cleaning products. Many commercial cleaning products are filled with harmful chemicals that pollute your air. You can get the same level of cleaning with green products, and everyone can breathe easier.

   Get rid of the carpet. Not only do carpet padding and adhesives contain VOCs, but carpet traps pollutants like dirt and dander. Eco-friendly bamboo or cork flooring are both better choices for your green building.




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