7 Ways to Kill a Terrorist on a Plane During a Hijack Attempt

Next to a crashing, it’s probably the worst-case scenario most fear when flying: terrorists. Channel your inner John McClane and take the suckers out with these 7 ways to fight back.

7. Steal their Weapon
Unless they’re the world’s worst terrorist, the hijacker is probably toting a weapon of some sort. You need to wrestle it away from him. Overpower him and use his own weapon against him.

6. Snap their Neck
It’s a staple of many action heroes, and for good reason. Approach from behind, place one hand across the body for leverage and quickly jerk his head to the side with the other to snap his neck.

5. Stab the Jugular
While most sharp instruments are banned on planes, pens are not. Find a pen and forcefully jab it into the terrorist’s jugular while he’s distracted.

4. Plastic Bag Suffocation
You’ll have to be fairly strong to pull this one off. Find a large plastic bag, and forcefully secure it over the terrorist’s head, covering his mouth and nose.

3. String Strangulation
While you’re unlikely to find piano wire on a plane, a shoelace should work just fine. Wrap it around the terrorist’s neck from behind and strangle the life out of him.

2. Blunt Force
It’s not pretty, but it works very well. Find a large, heavy object and bash the terrorist in the back of the head. Make sure he’s dead, however, as you don’t want him regaining consciousness at an inopportune moment.

1. Sacrifice
It’s not the first choice, but if you know the terrorist plans to use the plane to kill even more people, as was the case in the 9/11 attacks, then make your way to the cockpit and crash the plane into an unpopulated area. You’ll die too, but as a hero.

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