9 Best Spy Devices You Can Buy Online

Spy devices are no longer the clunky, nonsensical gadgets featured in movies and television. They can now videotape, photograph, record, monitor and track any target you choose. Secrets and lies are yours for the exposing.

Here are the 9 best spy devices you can buy online:

1) Spy cams:

The original spy device, these can be hidden in the smallest, most inconspicuous objects, like pens, buttons, key chains, lighters and rings.

2) Night vision:

When the sun goes down, the suspects come out. Night vision is the most practical of all spy devices. With these, no alley, building or shadow can hide your target.

3) Phone location:

With everyone on their phones today, this is one of the most effective spy devices. Downloadable programs allow you to track a user’s movement.

4) Document scanners:

Information is what spies are after. Document scanners allow you to copy information you obtain and place it back without your target ever knowing you were there.

5) GPS trackers:

When your target becomes mobile, you need to be able to pin-point their position at any moment. GPS trackers transmit the exact location of their vehicle.

6) Key loggers:

Record every keystroke to determine the password or encryption code of sensitive materials.

7) Cellular jammers:

Think your call is being monitored? Cellular jammers scramble phone signals, rendering your tail’s communication abilities useless.

8) Aerial surveillance:

From below, that kite looks playful and harmless. But it features a high-focus lens that can capture images from several stories up.

9) Anti-bugging protection:

A smart spy knows someone may be spying on them. Anti-bugging protection safeguards you from other potential snoopers.

You don’t need to be a spy to own the best spy devices. You just need something to spy on and access to the internet.

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