A Smarter Way to Network

Networking is something that many people may feel they do well, but actually the fact of the matter is that most have it all wrong. Networking is about making strong and beneficial relationships. It is not about being the person that has the most contacts.

The wrong approach would be to try to get as many contacts or connections on social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This can certainly be done, but the majority of these people will not be able to assist with that next business venture or job prospect.

The smartest way to network would be through old-fashioned personal interactions. Strong relationships are what people benefit from when it comes to proper networking. By making the right connections, you never know when an individual can be of assistance down the road. Because of this, having professionals from all different industries and disciplines is best. A well-rounded group of contacts will help one the best. These relationships do take time to cultivate and maintain, but will provide much more than the casual social friend.

This fact has been proved time and time again as it is truly not what you know but who you know. It does not necessarily mean that one needs to dump all social networking contacts. However, it is essential to ensure that there are a number of strong connections that are known. If missing these, it is wise to evaluate one’s direction and goals and look to connect with those individuals that can help these to become a reality.

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