Another Google Labs Project

Since the launch of Google Labs in 2007, it seems like more and more helpful tools and projects are being developed by Google.  The next project is to reinvent the idea of “news”.  Google notes that there’s been no shortage of talk recently about the “future of news.”   Should viewers have to pay for access to news online?  How will journalistic integrity endure?  In the digital era, it seems less and less likely that news will survive.  These are questions Google is asking, and they have been exploring potential solutions.   Why not change the experience of reading news online?  Why not experiment with new and innovative ways to present stories online?  Perhaps there are new ways to present stories that are simply unimaginable offline.  The next invention from Google Labs approaches news like you have never seen it before.   They call it the Living Stories project, an experiment in presenting news specifically for the online environment.

The project was developed by Google, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.  If offers complete coverage of an on-going story, gathered together and prioritized on one URL. You can now quickly navigate between news articles, opinion pieces, and features without long page load times.  Stories can be explored by themes, significant participants, or multimedia.  It also offers smarter reading and an interactive timeline of critical events. Updates to the story are highlighted each time you come back, and older news is summarized.  Once again, Google is paving the path to the future.

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