Begin at The Beginning

What janitorial companies and in-house building cleaning services come to realize is that adopting effective green cleaning practices involves more than implementing a recycling program and changing cleaning products.  Converting to a safe, healthy and environmentally responsible green cleaning program is a mindset as much as anything else.Green cleaning stands for change.  Changing to green cleaning shows a willingness to throw out the old and welcome the new.  That means every building occupant, every maintenance and cleaning employee and every building department manager must change their mindset.Green cleaning is no longer about what will pass by but instead green cleaning is about how healthy an environment can we help to build?  And, the answer is that green cleaners can have a meaningful impact on their building, the building occupants and the globe.For a project this big, a change this significant, it only makes sense to bring in the best.  The U.S. Green Building Council is the leader in creating healthy buildings.  Through its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification program there are real solutions to green cleaning and green maintenance operations.  The Existing Building Operations and Maintenance division of the USGBC is dedicated to improving cleaning and maintenance levels at all buildings in the United States.LEED Accredited Professionals are experienced construction and maintenance experts who have put their money where their expertise is.  LEED APs have undergone rigorous training, on-the–job training and strenuous testing to achieve their accreditation.LEED APs can be reached through the USGBC’s national headquarters in Washington D.C. or through local chapters spread throughout the country.  To make sure your green cleaning and maintenance initiative starts at the beginning and has the proper direction, contact a LEED AP.  After a Custodial Effectiveness Assessment by the LEED AP, a green cleaning protocol will be established and the building will be ready to earn LEED credits.

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