Benefits of Google Docs

The only thing worse than having your computer crash and have to bother ordering a new one is having it crash and losing every document and photo you’ve taken for the past five years. Your bank statements, financial records, family event photos, and personal documents- all gone. This is where Google Docs comes into play.

Google Docs is an online-based service, so there’s no way to lose any personal files. It can store any type of file, whether it’s an audio clip, a picture, or a Microsoft Word document. Storage space is expandable for a tiny yearly fee, and there’s little doubt in my mind right now that Google is going out of business anytime soon. That means that your documents are safe from future computer crashes.

Not only that, but you can now access those documents from anywhere in the world with computer access. You can choose to work on them in the web browser or download to edit them offline. The document can be converted to a Google format or left in the original- Google is very flexible.

Google Docs is also handy when it comes to collaborative work. If your professional team needs to work on a project together, but they live on different sides of the country, Google Docs is perfect. It lets you share a document in real time, with edits that can be undone and viewed in time-sensitive order.

Just pick a decent password and you can store anything on Google Docs!

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